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A short Beastie Bay Walkthrough and Guide that can help shed some light on things if your not sure. Beastie Bay can be a pretty easy game at first though it can really get hard towards the end if your not taking elemental weaknesses into account. It’s a good idea to keep catching stronger monsters as the ones in the early game wont be as useful when you get close to the end of the game. There is some more Beastie Bay Tips and Tricks here if your interested.

Beastie Bay Walkthrough and Guide

Capturing Bosses – You are able to catch bosses for use in battle, but your going to have to by the scroll from the Wairo Inc store before you can. Once the scroll is purchase it will also apply to a new game so you can start over if you want to and capture early bosses that you missed out on before the scroll was available.

End Game – The game has two endings. The first one occurs after playing for 5 years and 4 months. A game message will appear and score your action putting it on a high score list. After this point you will not be able to get points towards your high score, but can keep playing. The second end of the game come by beating the end boss and probably completing most if not all of the game content.

Fast Forward – If your looking to speed up the game in the settings it doesn’t become available until later in the game. The game says that’s it’s about half way when I would say that it’s closer to the end. The good thing is that if you start over on a new game that the setting will be available.

Medals – You can earn medals 3 different ways. The first is by completing missions. The second is by generating one every 7 minutes while playing, then restart the app to get your medals when loading your game again. The third way is to purchase them with real money when you unlock the Wairo Inc building which I think happens when you beat the desert boss.

Remove Ads for Free – You can pay $3.99 to remove ads once you get to a certain point in the game. You can do it for free though right away. What you have to do is turn the data off on your device before starting the app and there wont be any ads popping up.

Slot Scrolls – Later in the game scrolls will become available for the use of adding equipment slots to your party so they can equip more things. This however does not increase the star count of the character.

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