Feb 072018

Here are some Beastie Bay Tips and Tricks that can help you out during gameplay. For the most part his app is pretty easy to complete with a few hurdles that can hold you up. If you keep doing new things and leveling when needed you will have no problem finishing this app. Unlike other app this one can be completed in a reasonable amount of time and without having to pay real money.

Beastie Bay Tips and Tricks

Farming – There are certain stages that can be attempted an infinite amount of time. These should be used to level up your party if your having a hard time defeating certain enemies.

Food and Lumber Storage – Having as many of these building as possible will increase dramatically what you can hold for resources and let you upgrade things to higher levels because of it.

Meager Bait – Always make sure to have enough meager bait on hand for when you need to get e new monster on your team. You should always be researching it so that it’s always being made and you never run out. Later in the game better types of bait will become available that can be used to acquire better monsters.

Medals – These are used to upgrade things like tools and equipment so that it can be even stronger. Since these are so hard to get they should be used on the more important things. The wagon is a great place to spend metals as it will allow more party members to join you in battle, when they die they can be switched out for reserve players.

No Ads – If you want to turn the ads off all you have to do is turn the data off on your device.

Replay Bonuses – Certain stages can be played more than once and should be. The second time you complete a stage you can find new items or people. It’s also a good idea to revisit places after you have gotten more tools as they can be used to unlock new content in the game.

Research Failure – Sometimes when your researching things you will fail and a certain amount of research will be deleted. How to avoid this is to always have at least 2% invested per hour.

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