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This is a short Beastie Bay Medal Farming Guide to help get more of them for upgrading things. There are 3 ways to get medals. The first way is to complete stages and sometimes you will be rewarded them after wards, but in a very small amount. The second way is to earn 1 for every 7 minutes you play the game not counting being in pausing menus. You will then have to restart the app to collect the bonus medals which will accumulate up to a max total of 10 medals.

The third ways is to purchase them using real money at the Wairo Inc store that is unlocked after completing the desert and upgrading the house of the saved person, I think it’s after completing the desert but might not be.

Other than those options there isnt any other way to get them besides being a hacker. What you can do though is leave you app on while you not playing so you can get one every seven minutes. You can set a timer then collect and start the process over.

After getting so far in the game you can get the option to restart a new game keeping the same gear and survival upgrades. Any medals invested in those things will still be available in the new game. The down side is that you wont be able to keep your medals so you should spend them on upgrades before starting a new game.

I tried turning the clock on my device ahead to speed up the bonus medals, but it doesn’t seem to work since the app is technically closed when your in the settings changing the time. Also playing the game in the faster mode doesn’t seem to speed up the process of getting bonus medals.

If your interested there is some more information here with Beastie Bay Tips and Tricks and Island Layout Guide Help.

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