Feb 102018

Having the best Beastie Bay Island Layout can be a trick thing to do and for the most part there probably isn’t an exact best layout. When it comes to putting things in a certain place the thing that matters most are peoples houses. They can be given upgrade option depending on the buff given to them from surrounding areas.

Apparently each building is given an upgrade option depending on Civ or Nature and Energy. According to another post building will depend on Civ or Nature rating and not require a little of both. There are a lot of Remodeling options available which can be viewed in the Info menu. If something is in questions marks in the Remodeling menu you can spend 5 medals to find out how to make it.

Allies houses or nest should be placed next to places that generate food and wood so that they can collect it. Since the rate of collecting is pretty slow you should probably over lap harvest areas so multiple allies or working the tiles. After collecting 15 allies you will unlock a school that will increase allies levels without having to go into battle. This is when you should move the characters that you need leveled up the most so they can get experience passively. I also had the star count increase from schools though it didn’t ad an equipment sot until the character was used in a new game. You can leave you device on and probably plugged in to let allies generate experience while your not playing which will also increase you gold if you have tourists coming to your island.

Stores and building that generate income from tourism should be surrounded with other building that will increase there income. If you plant trees or other things (not sure) around stores the will drop item that will be put up for sale in the store and will increase income.

Storage units that increase the amount of food and wood that you can hold should be placed on beaches and far away areas that you aren’t going to use. There are a lot of them and keeping them together can make it look more organized, but your going to need a lot of space for them.

Later in the game you will unlock a feature that will let you move buildings without having to demolish them and rebuild. If your interested in more information here are some Beastie Bay Tips and Tricks.

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