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Mar 242018

Emma González for the most part has no idea what shes talking about when it comes to gun control. Why would you ask a kid without any real life experience such important questions anyhow. It comes off as a huge manipulation campaign designed to take guns so that America can be destroyed, plain and simple.

When you compare guns crimes to other things that kill people there are a lot more dangerous things in the world. Take the FDA for example who uses treatments instead of cures and hurts, kills or murders 15 million people a year in the US. I don’t see the MSM making a big fuss about how most doctors are way over their head in insurance fraud which should land them in prison and strip there “practicing/cult” ability.

How about cigarette smoke which kills a ton of people a year. It’s pretty obvious for that one, people are killing people with cigarettes. They have even been sued recently and now have to say they are getting people addicted on purpose and yet they are still in business. If I had a restaurant that caused a fraction of the damage done by the FDA and cigarettes I would be thrown in jail for along time.

Lots of people probably already know that if you get rid of guns than home invasions go up like 8 times along with lots of other increased crime.

There is no doubt that the US government is trying to take the guns because they have been identified as completely corrupt and they refuse to leave there job positions. They want to take the guns so people aren’t pushed into taking America back for the people the hard way which would be way overly justified at this point.

The government is full of over paid employees that seem to be draining the economy on purpose for destabilization and to help take over the American people.

Emma González is definitely being used be people who carry out false flags and has been coached by crisis actors. I would put my money on the fact that the people trying to take the guns are the reason we need guns and they should be thrown in prison for mega elite high treason.

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Mar 232018

Zell Miller Dies at 86 and his death could probably have been prevented by taking the 90 Essential Nutrient. Trump said that he was going to come out with more cures which is probably forcing the FDA to do it or by removing parts of or all of the FDA. What many people don’t realize is that the FDA and most hospitals will only use treatments that can barely help or will make things worse over long periods on time. Side effects from drugs are impossible to know completely and the few they list are usually pretty dangerous. If you ask most doctors for a cure they are going to turn you down as they haven’t been taught any at places like Harvard or Yale. This is because they make more money hiding cures and using man made particle that can be copyrighted as you can’t do that for an orange.

Many people don’t realize that their are tons of cures available for all kinds of things that can range from eating certain foods to taking nutritional supplements. The best thing to to though is to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. There have been huge finding in the longevity of humans and animals. Humans taking the 90 Essential Nutrients and eating a healthy diet with eggs can live over 200 years old. This is much longer than the average death rate today because main stream health info is focusing on useless satanic treatments that steal money from people who are looking for cures.

For Zell Miller his death would have been most likely extended if he was taking at least the 90. A big red flag is gray hair which is a copper deficiency. Copper also determines the strength of veins and arteries and will help fight ruptured arteries. Not having enough copper is also the reason you get varicose veins and spider veins. If you go talk to Millers doctor he probably has no idea how to prevent the thing he died from or how to cure it once it was identified. It should definitely be illegal for treatments to be given instead of cures and make most of the colleges look like serial killer trainers.

Check out the video below with a really doctor that can help heal the people around you and live longer.

Mar 222018

A Partymasters Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more depending on popularity. Partymasters is an arcade game developed by Playgendary and is available free for download on Android and iOS.

Partymasters Wiki


File Size Glitch – If you look at the description of the game in Google Play you will see the number 0 making it look like the file size is nothing. When you go to download that app though the file size is actually around 50 mb. This problem probably occurs because the developer was suppose to type it in manually so it can be shown properly in Google Play. It would be nice if games had smaller file sizes for download speed and storage issues.




Mar 212018

Stephon Clark’s death should have never happened if the police were trained properly and had better equipment to deal with situations. Having officers in the position to shoot and kill people when they are threatened with melee weapons is an over use of force. Since this person was shoot more than 20 times it seems to be a situation were the police have no idea what they are doing. There is always a chance that they shot this person intentionally as they may have been told by police chief to be on the look out for situations where you can get away with murder so they can manipulate gun statistics as they same things seems to happen in New York.

How many times to you have to shoot a person before they drop a melee weapon and would no longer have the ability to move. The large amount of shots fired seems like an over kill and very unnecessary. These police seem to have no respect for people who may threaten there lives and are more than willing to KILL you.

I think that they should take away the ability for cops to kill people by giving the none leather catch only weapons. This would also cut down on the times police have get back game issues and are more than willing to shoot you. The only problem with this idea is that it seems as though the US military and other government programs like the FBI and CIA have officer assassins that can appear on any force at will or are on call in different police stations like LA and New York to kill certain people on command. Things like the cure for cancer or free energy might get a special forces police officer to pay you a visit. They seem to often have people die were in doesn’t look like a suicide , but they will call it one anyhow to stop any investigation that might make if look fishy or point the finger at the government. Michael Hastings is another good example.

These officers should at least had a taser or tranquilizer that could have been used to pacify the situations without anyone getting hurt. These police seem to be under trained or unable to deal with the various problems they are expected to come across on a daily basis. I don’t think the police had enough reason to shoot the person down. Just watch how the police station will condone the behavior and defend police. Systems that are responsible for governing themselves have a hard time holding themselves accountable and why it doesn’t work to correct and improve.

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Mar 202018

At first look this shooting seems to be the real deal, but how did it happen? It seems this is the purpose of advertising school shootings all over the news. They want to take advantage of young impressionable teens to break the law and then use that to take guns so they can shut down America turning it into a huge slave camp more than it already is.

If you where following the Florida school shooting that happen just recently you would know that they got caught staging a false flag. Teachers thought that they would use blanks in the drill an there was an eye witness that said she saw the supposed shooter in the hall with other students while the shooting was taking place. This blow the lid of the Florida shooting exposing it as false flag. You may also remember the night club shooting where many gays died. It later came out that Florida police barricaded the door and murdered all of the clubers. Florida is a corrupt state that has their hands in high treason behavior and you will probably see Trump go after them in time.

You can tell the difference between a real shooting and a fake one by how many victims there are. In Florida there where many victims while in Maryland there was only 2. Florida was a false flag shooting done by someone with military experience or could have been local law reinforcement and with there training were able to murder many more students.

The MSM and many others attempting to take guns are showing their hands way more than they probably want to and they are caught red handed trying to single out guns specifically to remove them for something other then guns crimes. It probably has to due with the fact that most of the US Government is full of criminals that keep their mouths shut when they see crimes so they can keep their jobs and so the CIA or FBI doesn’t murder their families. It’s well known that agencies like the FBI and CIA are variable in that the newbies will be assigned to basic crime while they are conditioned to move up the ranks where they will end up doing horrific acts towards others in attempt to hide government and elite corruption. Government “Employees” are high on stealing money from the American people and and seem to need help with there addiction to it which they don’t want and why they need to take guns so they can feel safer as they are technically dead man and woman walking as their crimes are the worse in history.

Let’s put the school shooting into focus. The damage done by REAL school shootings (Not False Flags) is far far less then many other things in America that are destroying lives like the FDA hiding Cures and the 90 Essential Nutrients using only treatments that don’t work and injure or kill 15 MILLION people a year. How about car crashes which is a result of the government holding back micro particle technology that would make cars unbreakable. The US military is dumping all kinds of poison in to the air and ground destroying the whole planet and everything on it. Fracking which could only occur when they removed some pollution laws, why won’t people involved with fracking drink the surrounding ground water? These are just a few of the long list of things going wrong with the world that the MSM (High Treason News) refuses to report on that makes the school shooting look like and agenda to take guns in an attempt to take America over completely by greedy elite and outside of America influences like England and China.

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Mar 192018

For those of you who already know Vinod Bhatara your probably already aware that this person has something very wrong with him. As a doctor his quality is some of the lowest out there. This person should be thrown in jail and pay the victims back for his malpractice and cruelty towards others.

Vinod Bhatara may seem like his in the business of helping people, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Vinod has a real bad habit of putting people on meds for things there are cures for and then when they have problems from the meds he will put them on even more meds. He should be held accountable for all the side effects that those drugs cause which include things like death. The facility he works at called South East Behavioral has a horrible reputation for not helping anyone and loading people up with unneeded medications. The doctors in this facility should be thrown in jail and stripped of any ability to practice murder medicine.

It looks like this might be some kind of terrorism because I don’t know who would hire someone like this along with the rest of them when they are constantly breaking the law and violating and education that might have set them on the right track. The people who hired these doctors should be thrown in jail for the rest of their lives for the involvement of such horrific crimes.

Vinod Bhatara is an extreme danger to society and should be stopped as soon as possible. Any children that come across his path are going to be put on meds regardless of what you think. This person has no understanding of where someone comes from and will without knowing anything subscribe murder medication in large amount to make money as it seems that’s this is what this person was told to do by superiors.

Thankfully there is a class action lawsuit against Vinod Bhatara in progress that will most likely land him in jail and destroy his reputation and it should be. Another quack doctor that has no idea what he’s doing and is harming everyone he comes in contact with. Watch the video belwo for a bunch of natural cures and a better understanding of how the FDA refused to use cures and focuses on treatments only to maximize money and destabilize America like terrorism that has never existed before.

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Mar 182018

Southeastern Behavioral Health in Sioux Falls is a horrific mess of some of the worst doctors and care takers that exist today. Based on the quality of care you can easily say these people are scamming others, there fake doctors that got a degree then got a random job that requires them to destroy others lives. If you look at the side effect of the meds they use  they seem to cause way more damage than good which could defiantly be consistent with a murderer or a serial killer.

It is well know amongst the medical community in Sioux Falls that the doctors that work at Southeastern Behavioral Health don’t care about people and will put them on all kinds of meds that are unnecessary though all meds are unnecessary. It’s hilarious how stupid these people are. As long as they have a title an a little money these people think they are on top of the world along with super helpful towards other. The harsh reality is that the FDA is hiding cures and only using murderous, poisonous treatments that will actually cause more harm so they can make more money. It seems that these people are lead by satan worshipers and people trying to destabilize and take down the US.

These doctors should have the right to “practice” taken away and should have to repay people for all the damages they cause. If you look at how much damage is caused to people in the US from the FDA and alike they don’t possible have the money to repay for all the trouble they have cause. And why would a system be set up that causes so much harm. Humans are really easy to take advantage of. All you have to do is give them a fancy tiel and some cash and they are willing to do all kinds of things.

If you refuse to use cures and want to go ahead with treatments that hurt people so they need more treatments then you are a terrorist that should be taken out of the game of life. They should throw you in some kind of repend prison so you can pull your head out of your rear. Doctors like these should also have their kids taken from them as they will most likely use miss information to try and treat their poor child who should be given a cure.

Dear FDA, Your committing MEGA HIGH TREASON which is punishable by death. Many people believe we are in Revelations and that means your time to do horrible things is nearing to an end. All FBI agents are either terrorists or are prepped to do terrorist activity along with the CIA. There is a huge scam network of terrorism taking place in the US right now and you can bet that if they have a high government title or a are paid a lot of money they are keeping their mouths shut about high crime that’s being committed on a daily basis for fear of being killed by the US Military, CIA, FBI, MI567… along with others. You should have yourself a good look at a testimony of people going to hell, sounds like these people are going there for sure.

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Mar 172018

Apparently, Chicago’s Plumbers Union has been dying the river for St. Patrick’s Day since 1962. I might be one of the only ones thinking this, but I don’t think dying the river completely green is a good idea when it comes to the health of wild life and the river. Since they have been doing this for along time there is a good chance that the chemicals they are using or have used in the past are not the best for the environment.

If this is a bad thing than it is no surprise since Chicago seems to be one of the most corrupt cities in America. Kim Kardashian just named one of her kids Chicago which could indicate that she’s some kind of devil worshiper and she is honoring some kind of underground cult that has roots or is located in Chicago.

Police have a reputation in Chicago of taking random people off the streets and taking them away to secret police property where they are interrogated for no reason. They seem to be doing this as some kind of training for they next 1776 or 911.

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Mar 162018

Andrew McCabe was fired supposedly 2 days before he was set to retire and earn about 1.8 Millions dollars from doing so. Many people online seem to take the stance that it’s not fair that they fired someone just before they retired and that it could be a sign of corruption for Sessions, but it cou8ld also work the other way around.

It seems that many FBI agents along with possible government employees in other areas seems to quite and put in for retirement in masses a s soon as Trump got in office. This seems to show the hands of possible corrupt agents that have been up to no good for some time now. They say that McCabe was in for around 21 years as the second highest ranking FBI leadership and that meqans he was in there during 911. It seems that McCabe might have been put in his job position working for the FED with the intention in that he would help cover up an inside job like the 911 supposed terrorist attacks and probably many other false flags. Lots of people seem to have inside information about 911 being done by the US government and many others, but they keep their mouths shutting knowing bad things will happen to them and their families by the CIA.

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Mar 152018

For me the Florida College bridge falling seems to be really suspicious since it seems to match up with the club shooting that happened. First there was this largest shooting ever in a gay night club that seem to be staged by police and military, then after a little while a kid gets eaten by a crocodile and the news seems to forget about every thing. Now we have a school shooting where the supposed shooter was no where near the shooting when it took place according to an eye witness and now the news has another type of horrible event that seems to be and the passive and accidental side.

It looks to be some kind of pattern they are using to carry out an agenda to make it look like lots of bad things are going to happen in the world like terrorism and poor health care. These things instead seam to be produced by ruling elite, CIA, MI5, MI6 and others that have an agenda for the planet and it doesn’t seem to be very good for everyone. According to people like Alex Jones and Steven Greer there seems to be some kind of large scale world event that could happen that would change the world in a very large way. Since they seem to have an army of robots probably underground all over the place the need for a human military is largely obsolete and they seem to be recruiting lots of people in the military as a front.

With both the club shooting and recent school shooting having big evidence showing that the official story is a complete fabrication it seem as though Florida is a corrupt state being used to push a gun taking agenda along with working toward a large attack taking place in the future.

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