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Feb 252018

Hero Hunters Offline options are available, but are limited in what you can do. You do not need the internet to play this app though a few of the option wont be available like PvP among others. Many people are looking around online for an offline version of the app and it most likely doesn’t exist. Others may offer links to suck content, but the download if any are corrupted and wont work properly.

If your planning on getting the most out of this app then your going to want to play with an online connection. Since there are a seemingly large amount of players that wont offline you’ll only get to take advantage of part of the game. Another things that you’ll be missing out on is the purchases.

Daily rewards are obtainable while you do not have internet connection. Many games can be manipulated by changing the clock in your devices settings. I’m not sure if it can be done with this app, but if you can than you would be able to speed up the rate of getting daily rewards.

I might be a good idea to not even install apps that are promising extra things like offline play. For experienced players, they should already know that an offline game that is originally an online game will probably not be playable in a modded app. The chance that the app is contaminated with a virus or other hacky things is pretty good. There are a few reliable websites though that will allow you to download modded apps with real mods. If you find Hero Hunters on one of these websites it might be worth checking out as it will probably work.

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Feb 242018

The Hero Hunters Piggy Bank is a way to earn extra gold though you will have to pay for it using real money. The Piggy Bank won’t be available right away in the game, but it will appear later on. Every time you do various things in the game you will put more gold in the bank and after it is full you can purchase it for a possible better value than just buying some gold straight up.

It seems like the first time you buy the piggy you will be getting a pretty good deal on gold. The next times you have a chance to purchase it on the other hand wont have to much of an advantage over the other gold for sale. Each time you purchase it the amount of gold earned will increase along with the price using real money.

This feature is only going to be helpful for the people willing to pay real money while playing the game. Free players will not be able to benefit from this since it cost real money.

The video below has some hands on info that can help you if you have not made a purchase yet and were wondering what your getting into.

Gold is useful for purchasing various things in the store like crates which can be a good source of new heroes. Besides chests there isn’t a whole lots to spend gold on. Hero Crates seem to be the best buy when it come to getting a new hero with decent stats.

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Feb 232018

The Hero Hunters Best Team is going to be made up of the best heroes that you can get your hands on. You going to want at least one from the different attack types so you can have more of an advantage over enemies. The more stars that a hero has the more power they will also have.

One of the best places to get heroes if from the chests in the store that cost gold. You can find characters fast rather than having to put then together with many fragments. Once you reach a team level of 10 you will unlock the ability to get fragments that can be used to acquire new playable characters.

At first your best team is going to be probably the first players you find. You might not want to level them up too much though encase you find someone who is better and then you would have resources to upgrade them.

You might have noticed already, but hero star levels only seem to go up to 7 instead of the 10 it looks like it should. This might mean that the developers could come out with some new content after some time. For now the best players are limited to only a couple with the rest of them having less stars. You can check out stats on heroes before obtaining them by tapping on the in the hero menu.

Again, if your looking for the best team then your going to want to get the players with the most power. Skills can also be a factor when it comes to choosing your party though the higher quality characters will most likely cause more damage over time then weaker units regardless of skills.

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Feb 222018

The Hero Hunters Best Characters are going to be the ones that have the most stars and will take provably the longest to unlock. The highest star level that a hero goes up to seems to be 7 at the moment even though it looks like they have a limit of 10. The developers must have more content that might be available in the near future.

You can check the stats of heroes before you get them so you can have an idea of what your looking at. You are going to need at least one for every type of attack and you going to wont ones with the highest attack power. To get more attack power your going to have to get better quality heroes as star count will have a direct relation to power levels.

One of the best places to get heroes is opening chest in the store using gold. Though this can get kind of expensive and can be a long time between draws you can usually get someone the has good enough stats. The odds of getting a really high quality character are probably pretty slim as the developers are trying to make money so they turn the odds way down.

After you have a Team level of 10 or higher you are able to partake in missions that will allow you to earn fragments so you can gain new party members. Unfortunately, the ones you wont the most are going to be the hardest to get and longest to acquire.

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Feb 212018

A brief Hero Hunters Tier List with related information that can help shed some light on things. Heroes can have up to 10 stars which is an indicator for how strong they are. It looks like though you can only get a hero with a 7 star rating at the most. It looks like the developers have only made star ratings up to 7 so more content is probably on the way, though it has been some time now that the game has been released.

Once you have a certain character you will not be able to increase their star rating. The best thing that you can do to improve stats is get a better hero. Using chests in the shop which are purchased using gold can have a great selection when it come to getting heroes and you don’t have to collect all of their shards.

As far as a tier list is concerned you can view the stats of each hero in the selection screen even for the ones that you don’t have. All you have to do is select the hero you would like to look at and then you will be taken to a screen with more information.


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Feb 202018

A Hero Hunters Mod Apk Game is probably going to be hard to come by since the game uses an internet connection to check for that sort of thing. It’s pretty hard to find a mod for an online game and when you do chances that it wont load very well are good.

With how most of these mobile apps are build it’s almost a must to have a modded version since developers seem to take game play lengths and monetization too far. Many games for mobile are close to unbeatable since they require too much time to complete or you might have to spend millions of dollars to complete the things. I played a modded game once, not sure what it was, but I must have spent close to a million dollars at least to build up characters and unlock game features. This wasn’t even close to completing the game, but was a good learning experience when it’s comes to how rigged some of these games are.

The down side to mods is that they often don’t word or increase very few things so that you are still stuck on the developers railroad tracks. It’s a shame that more apps don’t have cheats or extra bonuses to help out in progression, but it seems to be a things where developers want you to play as long as possible and then pay them money. It seems that a lot of them don’t care if you play the game as they juast seem to want money. I guess though more cheats equals less money which in turn could mean less game.

I think that many android apps are geared towards making money and having the game be almost incompletable. Another game I played with a mod called PostKnight ended with the game being rigged. I had the beset equipment you could possible have and could not continue in the game any further unless I grinded for a very long time.

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Feb 192018

Since there doesn’t seem to be a official Hero Hunters Forum I set up this post so that people can share there thoughts and ideas in the comments below. For the most parts things are pretty straight forward when it comes to game progression. You’ll start out with a very small amount of playable characters in the beginning. It might not be the best idea to upgrade the first ones you get so you can save upgrade parts for better heroes.

One things to note that night be obvious at first is that hero stars only seem to go up to 7 stars instead of the 10 that are shown in hero stat menus. Unless the developers decide to ad more content in the future it looks like the game might not have the content to fill the game expectations. There might be a good chance for them to add more units as there seems to be less than other games of the same type.

Joining an Alliance can be good for getting advice from other players. Besides communication and a ranking score I’m not entirely sure what else an Alliance is good for. If you having a had time joining one you can always start your own. Also many alliances seem to have heavy restrictions when it come to team level so starting your own might be a better option, though you should be able to find one to join without to much hassle.

The game will start to get pretty challenging just after completing the tutorial. This is when your going to want to use what you learned and possible grind a little for leveling purposes. The developers seem to have made a app that is consistent with many others out there in that it will probably cost you a lot of real money if you want to get far in the game which can be a major turn off for probably most gamers.

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Feb 182018

The Hero Hunters Best Heroes are going to be characters that have a higher star count. Sometime though the best possible choice will be the strongest players that you have. In the beginning you wont have much to choose from and upgrading who ever you can find will probably be your only choice unless you decide to spend real money.

The Hero Crate in the shop that cost 300 gold is probably one of the best places to find a good team player. The more stars they have the harder they will be to get from the crate. Getting characters from crates can be risky and is a lot like gambling, but you can find full heroes without having to collect fragments. In the beginning of the game Hero Crate can give you a big advantage when it comes to building a strong team.

The Black Market is unlocked at team level 10 and is a great place to find fragments for heroes. Some though will take longer than others to acquires as they will need more fragments the stronger they are. If you scroll through the long list of playable characters in the heroes tab you will see a star rating that goes all the way up to 10. Unfortunately, right now it seem as though there are no 10 star heroes and they highest they seem to go is up to seven stars which includes the Prophet and Artemis.

If your trying to get the highest rated players it’s going to take some time as the only way seem to be collecting their fragments which can be time consuming. If your lucky you might get them in the crates, but they might not even be in there.

All players will have a starting power rating that should be taken into account before acquiring and upgrading them. Your going to want to upgrade the best you have so that you don’t waste upgrade parts and can have a higher max power rating. Stats can be checked before someone is acquirable and playable so your able to look ahead slightly when it comes to building a stronger team in the future.

If your looking for more related info check out the Hero Hunters Wiki.

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Feb 172018

Joining a Hero Hunters Alliance will help you get the most out of the game. Joining an alliance while your logged into your Google account will unlock a large achievement. It can be tricky to find one to join at first as many of them might have a high team level required to join. The max number of people to join is 25 and this limits doesn’t seem to get any bigger.

Inside the Alliance menu you are able to do a few different things from communicating with other members to blocking people if you are having problems with them. There doesn’t seem to be any real purpose of joining an alliance except to talk with other players and create a team. If you wish to leave you can do so at any time.

One thing you can do if your having a hard time finding one or you would like to start a new is to create your own alliance.

If your looking for more related information check out the Hero Hunters Wiki.

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Feb 162018

Beastie Bay Gameplay is pretty straight forward and easy to learn for probably most players. Playing further in the game will unlock more features. After you complete an island you will unlock it’s ability to improve your game through various tourism options. These should be taking care of sooner rather than later so you can gain from the benefits.

It’s a good idea to keep getting new allies as you go along so you can keep up with the difficulty curve. Later in the game you will unlock the ability to purchase a scroll that will let you capture bosses so they can be used as allies. This should be purchased a s soon as possible to maximize the amount of bosses collected and so you don’t miss out on the good ones.

If your interested in related information that can help you out during gameplay check out the Beastie Bay Wiki.

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