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Nov 072017

A Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter Wiki with information like Guides, Tips, Cheats, Polls and more. Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter is an MMORPG developed by Snail Game and is available for free download on Android and iOS.

Check back to this Taichi Panda 3 Wiki in the near future for updated content. Feel free to use the comments to add more info and don’t forget to check them for user submitted data.

Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter Wiki

Best Class Character Poll

Best Faction


Nov 062017

There is no best Taichi Panda 3 faction as both are basically the same when it comes to playing through the game. The things that differ are the starting locations and what characters you get to play along with beginning quests.

Each faction is basically a different area in the same game. Once you choose your faction you wont be able to change it unless starting over on another server.

The amount of people on each will be different and is impossible to know which is the more busy faction, though both should have enough players to enjoy this MMO with others online.

The characters in each faction play about the same with the mages and healers having different skills. The Scout is the exact same for each along with the Berserker and Swordsman. The ranged classes are more designed for group play though you can can beat the game with each it might take longer with the weaker defense characters.

If you want to start a new game you’ll have to choose a different server, this could cause a bad connection when not playing with the recommended server as it might be to far from you. If it legs to much you’ll have to choose another for smoother gameplay.

Choosing the Taichi Panda 3 Best Class and Character can make gameplay go smoother when you get what your looing for. Be sure to check out are guides with user submitted votes in a poll for more of a broader view on who may be the best to play with.


Taichi Panda 3 Best Faction

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Nov 062017

Information on the Taichi Panda 3 Best Class and Best Character along with a poll. Check back in the near future for updated content in this post and don’t forget to check the comments for user submitted advice. Are post on the best faction can help shed some light on things.

Lion Empire

Berserker – Melee fighter with sword and shield. This is the best class for tanking damage as it has the highest defense. In many fights you will have enemies in your face doing close range damage. With the high defense of this class along with multi enemy attack skills they should stay alive easier than other classes.

Ice Mage – Ranged attacker using Ice magic. A long range class that better with groups than on your own. Low defense will make

Priest – Ranged Heal and fighter. A good support class that will heal tanks along with other characters. Has close combat fighting along with long distance healing. Doesn’t make than best tank do to low defense.

Scout – Ranged good with Archery. Because of the long range attacks defense is on the low side making some battle easier to avoid. This class is available for both factions and plays the same for each.

Panda Alliance

Swordsman – Melee fighter with sword and shield. This is the best class for tanking damage as it has the highest defense. If your planning on doing a lot of solo the Swordsman can holds it’s own when equip with strong gear.

Rune Mage – Ranged and uses Runes. Uses long range attack runes to deal damage to foes. Has lower defense making him weaker in close up battles.

Healer – Ranged attacker. Same as the Priest above and works well with groups when there is a tank taking the aggro while you heal from afar.

Scout – Ranged good with Archery. Same as the Lion Empire character


Taichi Panda 3 Best Class Character

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Nov 052017

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Wiki Guide Tips WalkthroughA Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is developed by B.V. and is available for both Android and iOS free for download.

Check back in the near future for updated content on this Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom Wiki.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Wiki




Clan Hall

Living Room Guide Tips

Magic Workshop and Magic Lab

Throne Room


Arena Tournament, Tickets, Artifacts and Badges of Valor

Best Class Build for Barracks PvP PvE

Best Weapons Armor Spells Army

Clan – Join One or Leave Yours In Comments

Crafting & Recipes Guide

Defense Protecting Resources PvP Squad Power


Dragon Info

Dwellers Breeding 4 Star 5 Star Guide

Forum FAQ

Happiness Bonus

How To Banish & Deleted Dwellers

How To Level Up Plus Gaming The System

How To Merge Rooms

Hustle Castle 5 Star Guide with Tips

iOS iTunes Download Review Gameplay Wiki

Legendary Weapons, Armor, Rings and Amulets Max Level

Offline Hack Mod Apk

Pets – Labrador Beagle Fluffy Cat

Portal & Abyss Gate Guide Tips

Potential Five Star Babies Dwellers

Premium Account and Apk

Reset How To Guide Tips

Resources – Food Gold Mana Wood Iron Diamonds

Review, Gameplay & Screenshots


Strategy Guide


Tips and Tricks, Hints, How To Guide


Daily Chest – In the Market under Treasures you can get a free daily chest which has the chance at dropping common, uncommon and rare items.

Dwellers – These are the people that run your castle. You can get more dwellers by completing stages on the map in the beginning, then later you’ll have to breed them in the Living Room. You tap them to enter their inventory for putting on new gear. You can also drag them to different locations in your castle. When a room has to many people one will leave and start wondering around the castle, you’ll have to drag them to somewhere useful. They rank from 1-5 star ranking which determines how high they can be upgraded. You can increase their star ranking with diamonds or randomly throw breeding. The higher your star count the better chance of breeding a dweller with more stars.

Equipment – Be sure to equip your dwellers with the appropriate gear. Some equipment will increase the output of food and gold while others will increase attack and defense strength.

Food – You can put more than one person in your kitchen to increase the production of food output. Upgrade the kitchen to produce more food and use more dwellers. Make sure to put on the right gear for higher food output as well.

Free Diamonds – You can get free diamonds by tapping the bubbles that appear over dwellers heads in the castle. The amount received is around 3 each time so not that much, but still free. It will happen on sad faces or negative expressions as well as the others. The frequency of getting free diamonds isn’t to high with about 1 in 20 taps on bubbles. You can also get free diamonds by completing achievements. Use Dark Souls to purchase diamonds when the portal is open in the shop.

Gold – Gold is needed to purchase and upgrade rooms in your castle. You can put more than 1 dweller in your Treasury to increase the gold earned over time. Be sure to equipped the right gear so you can earn as much gold as possible. One of the fastest ways to get gold is be completing stages on the map. Remember though there is a max to how much gold you can have at one time so make sure your Treasury is the appropriate level.

Protecting Gold – You can save up chest then use them right before a purchase for gold. This will save gold without having other players steal it.


Hustle Castle Best Class

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Hustle Castle Best Spell

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Demons Ground Tips Guide Walkthrough

Dreadful Barrier Walkthrough Guide Tips

Hot Ashes Strategy Guide with Tips

Hot Ashes Walkthrough Guide Tips

Hustle Castle Walkthrough & Guide

Lava Storm Walkthrough Guide Tips



Cheats & Promo Codes


Oct 262017

An Into The Dead 2 Best Dog Companions post with information to help make a better choice when choosing a companion. You will be able to choose a pet once reaching stage 8.

For more check out the Into The Dead 2 Wiki with guides and more

Crossbread – A basic dog with any buffs accept being able to attack zombies which will conserve ammo.

Border Collie – While having this dog equipped you will find more ammo crates for more bullets. This can be a big help when it comes to always having enough bullets

German Shepherd – Will save you from death once per run. Not dying on the first mistake can be a big help when it comes to traveling far. This may be the best dog and can help with less level loads.

Bullmastiff – Will attack zombies more than the other dogs. This could be close to the Border Collie which offers more ammo, but this dog wont attack as fast as a trigger finger

Into The Dead 2 Best Dog Companions Poll

The poll below will help give a better understanding of what might be a better option thats not so obvious.

Into The Dead 2 Best Dog Companion

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Oct 262017

Into The Dead 2 Wiki with potential Guides, Tips, Cheats, Walkthroughs, Polls and more, check the links below to view all related content for Into The Dead 2.

Into The Dead 2 is developed by PikPok and available free for Android and iOS.

Into The Dead Wiki & Guide

Best Dog Companions


Into The Dead 2 tips to help you out with insight.

Ammo – Conserve ammo for when you have to shoot your way through some zombies unless your trying to meet goals. By Using the Border Collie you can increase the amount of ammo crates found during a run, this can be useful for stages with lots of zombies and help meet achievements goals during a run.


T he main goal in stages is to run forward will trying to avoid zombies. Each level will have a different set up as far as where things are located which makes sense since your moving on a map things will never be the same.

Each stage will have a distance needed to run that will increase as you move forward through the game. You will die and the run will end when touching a zombie or running into something. Unlock new weapons by completing stages, then tapping there blueprint and building them.


Best Dog Companion

Into The Dead 2 Best Weapon

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Into The Dead 2 Best Dog Companion

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Download Into The Dead 2 using the link below:

Into The Dead 2 Download on Google Play for Android

Into The Dead 2 Download on iTunes for iOS

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