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Apr 182018

Kelly Jones has just recently given an interview giving away a lot of information about the divorce with Alex Jones. Things went as expected as Kelly literally had nothing nice to say about Alex which makes her looks like a very unhappy person which could be understandable in this situation as her kids seem to want nothing to do with her. One of her biggest mistakes during the interview is talking about how Alex’s supplements on his site are completely useless which is a total lie as they are actually the best stuff you can get online, like the 90 Essential Nutrients that can prevent all birth defects and problems that effects people along with curing a ton of stuff.

Most of the videos on David Pakmans (Fake News) YouTube channel don’t have any views while the one with Kelly talking complete blasphemy about Alex is getting almost a half million views. This looks to be highly illegal manipulation terrorism in the search engines that is meant to bring down or discredit InfoWars which seems to match up with the many fake law suits Alex is currently being attacked with. David Pakman also said that Alex products have been completely discredited and is a horrific lie when many of those product are actually the best on the earth, FAAAAR beyond the mass murderous FDA.

It’s hilarious how Alex’s ex-wife has no idea why he might act crazy sometimes or get frustrated with things like 9/11. Does she have no idea what AJ does all day? UIs she completely unawares of the many layers of mass murder talking place in the world and US today like the FDA with a no cure policy? If the only complaints she has against Alex is being angry at Satan than that probably means that nothing ever really happened in the marriage with Alex, but more likely there was a red woman problem. Kelly seems to have a huge problem with her son working for Alex and especially at such a young age. Dear Kelly, InfoWars is one of the best places on earth with it’s holy spear tip info and far better than FDA healing products, your son working there is a blessing not a disappointment.

In the video Kelly shows herself to be almost completely incompetent or in full lie hit back mode for not being able to have her kids and train them to do nothing with their lives. Unfortunately, when a relationship heads for the worst someone has to take the kids and it should be the most helpful and guidful and in this case Alex is by far the winner and probably why he won the kids.

Another thing to note is that these guy have spend over 6 million dollars in the family feud which is got to expose how the law is steal from people because that is way more money than it should take to split up. It seems the gov has been geared to break up families and than profit greatly from the divorce proceeding and child custody. On the governments part this looks to be some kind of terrorist to prevent normal citizens from holding the rich and giv accountable. Lying judges and lawyers are getting payed too much when they should be in jail or out of a job, 1776!!!

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Apr 102018

The shooting that occurred in Florida just this February seems to have been uncovered as another false flag. Having the Sheriffs called off as first responders is a very unusual thing to do and shows that the Sheriff is set up like the military. A student was talking to the shooter at the time the guns were going of so he couldn’t possibly have done it or there where multiple shooters. More than one shooters was also another thing that people saw which is a huge nail in the coffin for the false flag exposing. The video below has various information related to the shooting including a guy who says his news organization is being sued for reporting that the same company that is conditioning the school activist took out a permit for doi9ng that exact same thing 2 months before the shooting showing prior knowledge of the event.

The student must have been selected priot to the shooting for being used for propaganda. I think the big agenda is the rich evil people are trying to take the guns to avoid natural hit back and to do things in the future where your gonna wish you had some guns. The people included are those who are attached to the government like ticks sucking the life out of it by stealing money and passing fake policy. The other people would be very rich people who have businesses that hurt a lot of innocent people and they would like to do worse or at least keep their doors open. Getting caught staging false flags to take guns by using guns to murder innocent destroys your whole narrative to take guns and exposing it as complete manipulation. In reality we desperately need guns or better protection for that matter to defend ourselves against the wicked things in this world.

Florida is a corrupt state and should be cleaned out when it comes to certain government employees who are participating in these false flag events willingly. The club shooting was also another staged event where supposed Miami police did all the shooting that killed the gay people in the club. Why isnt the FBI doing anything. It seems they are massively corrupted without an Heaven on Earth mind state, but more of a tail chasing de-evolutioners.

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Apr 092018

Michael Cohen, Trumps longtime lawyer, was just raided by the FBI which all made possible by a supposed federal judge. This is definitely some kind of false flag or complete misuse of the l;aw system. First off, Obama got caught with a gay guy in the back of a limo smoking crack having fellatio performed on him and nothing ever happened from it. But with Trump thing are completely reversed showing some kind of fued going on in the gov. Where was this so called federal judge when Obama was using illegal drugs committing adultery while he was president? This shows the federal judge to be a gateway or loop hole for getting things do0ne when it comes to political manipulation. All though there is the chance that the gov is doing this intentionally for Trump which is some how beneficial towards him, but I doubt it.

Was thing is for sure though and that is when compared to what obama did this is almost nothing Stormy Daniels and the FBI seems to be making a major out of a minor which is a waste of money. The FBI will probably get all kinds of names of people who illegally payed for sexual action, but will only hold a few accountable if any. The funny thing is the FBI already might know many of the people involved with Stormy Daniels and have choose not to act on the information letting crime grow and criminals get rich.

It seems that a lot of what we are told publicly by the FBI is potentially huge lie to move there agenda or intentions forward as it seems the police can break any law to get what they want. The only problem with this is they seem to be making the most horrible people that have ever existed rich beyond their wildest dreams along with massive control that is used to terrorize the whole planet, everything on it and and probably very soon the whole universe.

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Apr 082018

It sounds like Trump is trying to pull troops out of Syria for whatever reason, but the mega high treason anti-Christ suicidal Pentagon seems to have other plans for Syria. I heard Rob Dew for InfoWars talking about how the US uses Syria as a way to move troops around Europe without too much trouble, but this is more than likely a lie since the US gov only tells lies and official lie stories. It probably has more to do with world domination and they need to destabilize as many countries as possible before they can stage an alien attack or have a world war to enslave the globe.

Can you believe the US is intentionally creating chaos all over the world. I guess these guys haven’t seen a good testimony of heaven and hell and they are most certainly going to hell when they die. They seem to have fake attacks to justify being there as Trump is trying to pull troops out. In this case it’s missiles on an airport and gas attacks.

Lots of people already know that ISIS is run by the CIA and US Military. I guess they just expect us normal people to just sit here and watch the horror without doing anything. I think they should get a bunch of good police together and start arresting the oldest government employees, the highest payed and they ones who are obviously out of their mind like the CIA. Right now the whole gov seems to have been told they can do ANYTHING to achieve their goals which includes mass murder and planetary destruction. So we have a gov that is breaking every law which is meant to get the earth moving towards Heaven on Earth.

This is another false flag the the gov does so well. How would the Pentagon like if we caused massive havoc on their lives with a constant stream of false flags. The Pentagon along with other corrupt gov like FBI and CIA have pretty much given up there human rights with all their satan worshiping behavior and normal people like me have the right to search and destroy them in the name of God and everything holy. Nature is programed to defend against murders, but it seems like greed and title blindness have let things get out of control in the US. Dear US government, YOUR FIRED!!! Plus your getting murderer by assassin doctors which is your reward for duty from your satanic cult leaders LOL.

The Next 1776 is Heaven on Earth

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Apr 072018

Conor McGregor was just released from jail after having to pay a $50,000 bail fee. How in the world is the price so high on bail? Car insurance fraud? It looks like the gov has stepped in again to take control of the situation with kidnapping and theft. I don’t think any of that money will go to the victims so how does the gov have any right to it. If they are making that much money so easily what could they possible be spending it on.

Conor would never have broken the window if it wasn’t meant to break on purpose for making money on repairs and insurance. The type of vehicle whether Ford or Chevy should be held accountable for using window where something can come flying through from the outside and cause harm with broken glass.

I thought it was kind of funny how McGregor throw the dolly through the window though it was kind of a stupid thing to do. You would expect to so this kind of behavior from these type of guy who fight in the UFC. I have never seen anyone go to jail for taking punches during a fight preview. Where are the assault charges their. I think the reason there are charges is because the police showed up and the person committing the crime wasn’t a government employee. Look at the military, they train anyone to be a killer and then when they are stationed somewhere for duty they can often rape and kill people, but you will never see these people held accountable because they are government employees.

Look at all the crimes committed by the FBI like 9/11, child trafficking, the opiate problem and tons more.. They seem to have a justification for everything and will tell you they have to break the law to catch criminals. This is just a lie to get you off their back so they can follow political agenda instead of building a Heaven on Earth. The FBI will even justify how they have to hide the cure and only use murderous treatments to control people, but in the end little FBI person you are killed by the FDA and your doctor who you are trying to justify is doing a good jobs, but who will murder you with intentional malpractice in the end. The FBI and FDA should be shut down as it seems they were created by wicked people to do horrific things and keep monsters in control.


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Apr 062018

The whole border things is a huge false flag. The military has the ability to put up walls very fast and could have the whole Mexican- US border under control in a few months. Yet they pretend to have no way of keeping things under control. The Canada border is heavily guarded and if you try to get across it you probably going to get caught, but not the south border as it is magically open.

This whole run for the border thing was apparently done by Obama to sneak ISIS type people into the country probably for terrorism purposes. The government probably easily is already tracking the borders and see every person who crosses it. They probably already have the whole world tagged with nano tracking and know your going across the border before you do.

They fact that they are sending folks down to the border to help out means that maybe Trump is trying to do something about it while he gets absolutely no help from the part of the US government that has super high tech or easy solution. If this was they case than you can say that the gov is wasting money by pretending to keep the border open assigning troops to it. Keeping the border open the way it is seems to be part of some destabilizing tactic or maybe a Noah’s Ark.

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Apr 052018

There is a chance that the man killed police was done so on purpose. This wouldn’t be the first time someone in New York was killed to manipulate gun statistics along with possible African American instigation. A person should be able to tell the difference between a pipe and a gun. It seems that police are told to look for situation where they can get away with murder like if they have something in their hands.

I heard a story from Alex Jones where he said an old couple where walking up some stairs in a tall building when a New York cops suddenly appeared, shot the old man and then called the union right away before calling for medical assistance. Not to mention that the New York police chief was probably in deep with covering up 9/11.

Cops are severely under equip when it comes to fighting crime. I guess they are hiding good defense tech so that gun owners or criminals don’t get them and use it to remove the cults running the US and other counties. They should at least have some bullet proof suit so they don’t pee themselves from fear every time someone seem threatening.

Catch only would also be a must so they can make sure that they wont kill innocent people. I suppose though if they had tech that safely caught criminals (destabilized citizens) they would get away with murder when the military sends in the local police, FBI, CIA or others to kill someone who ran their mouth about lets say a cure for cancer.

I bet they have weapons already that can shoot some kind of dart that would shut you down faster than blowing holes in you with a gun.

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Apr 042018

An Air Force jet has recently crashed near Las Vegas with one dead and is 1 of 2 military crashes that happened in the US in the last 48 hours. I would say something like this is suspicious and could be a false flag. They probably have a lot easier time covering up false flags that or committed on a military base where they can really hide and change the story.

If you think that the military would never kill one of their own think again. The VA systems is a health nightmare making sure veterans have health problems early in life and never use cures only fake treatments. They seem to be killing off the veterans to prevent another 1776. So when it comes to killing veterans to change policy opr to continue an agenda of terrorism they will have no problem doing so.

One of the biggest way the military kills you is during boot camp. You will expend all kinds of nutrition that cant be replaced by regular food as you must use a nutritional supplement like the 90 Essential Nutrients.

I think the big picture is that they already have an Army of robots like Zay Jones and they whole recruiting humans for soldiers thing is a front for population control, medical testing and to hide their dragon punch secret weapons.

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