Jan 242018

The video below shows Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj & Shakira with their eyes changing from normal to a lizard like shape. Many people online call them Reptilian Shapeshifters which means that they are an alien race that can shape shift or has the technology to do so.

It’s funny that all of these people are about the same popularity when it come to music and seem to be close to the top of their piers. This makes it seem even more real and look like an alien race is trying to manipulate the human race which doesn’t seem to be as open to the cosmos. If this is the truth than the US government is most certainly in on it with possible much much more information on extra terrestrials.

For me I mostly believe the video since it doesn’t seem to be edited and the fact that I have been hearing about Reptilians now for a while from people like David Icke. I have also listened to Steven Greer a lot who has come in contact with aliens several times and has lead the way in revealing information on aliens along with many witnesses. So the though of aliens to me doesn’t get me all exited as their existence seems to be inevitable in the huge galaxy and a normal every day occurrence. If the traffic on this website goes down after posting this I will be even more of a believer as websites seem to get penalized for posting big things or cures for diseases.

Here is another video talking about Justin Bieber having a problem with getting caught shapeshifting in public. It doesn’t have as much evidence as it’s a lot of heresay without very good pictures. I they really wanted to prove he was a shapeshifter they should get the airport camera from Australia.

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