Mar 162018

Andrew McCabe was fired supposedly 2 days before he was set to retire and earn about 1.8 Millions dollars from doing so. Many people online seem to take the stance that it’s not fair that they fired someone just before they retired and that it could be a sign of corruption for Sessions, but it cou8ld also work the other way around.

It seems that many FBI agents along with possible government employees in other areas seems to quite and put in for retirement in masses a s soon as Trump got in office. This seems to show the hands of possible corrupt agents that have been up to no good for some time now. They say that McCabe was in for around 21 years as the second highest ranking FBI leadership and that meqans he was in there during 911. It seems that McCabe might have been put in his job position working for the FED with the intention in that he would help cover up an inside job like the 911 supposed terrorist attacks and probably many other false flags. Lots of people seem to have inside information about 911 being done by the US government and many others, but they keep their mouths shutting knowing bad things will happen to them and their families by the CIA.

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