Jan 272018

The American Cancer Society is far from finding a cure and always will be. If they did find a cure than they would loose money in all the other cancer treatments and money is what they are after. There slogan for donation is “Imagine a world free of cancer”. This statement is a lie and only meant to pull in more money for treatment research. If they did find a cure it would come in the form of a treatment that would cost so much money that most people wouldn’t be able to afford it. Now how would that make the world free of cancer.

The FDA is constantly raiding any doctors offices that come even close to having a natural cure to make sure they can keep all the money for themselves. Donald Trump is suppose to get them to release cures instead of treatments, but I doubt that will happen without a huge price tag. If the FDA does finally release a cure for cancers they should be shut down for holding out on it for the purpose of depopulation and greed. It’s way past due for these monsters to be shut down and put their resources towards real cures and not money making treatments. The donation go towards research which is really testing on people that kills and destroys lives all for the purpose of finding new treatments, not miracle cures.

Dr Joel Wallach is a man that has knowledge of tons of cures and has put together a product called the 90 Essential Nutrients which can cure cancer. But how did you get cancer in the first place? By not removing the cause you will have a harder time getting ride of it. Did you here that American Cancer Society, the 90 Essential Nutrients cures cancer and yet your still pretending to look for a cure which shows you hand that you are the wrong people for the job. Vitamin B17 is also suppose to be a cure for cancer.

The FDA is hell bent on treatment since they make money. They don’t make money though, but steal money from people that worked hard for it. On their website they deny that cell phone towers cause cancer which shows their hand again that a cure and prevention isnt what they are looking for. They also admit that X-Rays cause cancer so why then do you keep using them when we have Ultra Sonic HD that is harmless. Because they are only interested in profits and not human lives.

The treatment they have for cancer are horrific and murderous making it clearly look like they are trying to kill people. It’s to bad that the FBI and others let this kind of stuff go on. These people will surely end up in hell for their actions as less hurtful people seem to be there according to testimonies. Stop, cease, desist and repent. Hopefully Trump is able to force these guys to use cures, but then they should loose the responsibility all together and put other people in those jobs who will help people and not steal from people on their death bed.

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