Apr 042018

An Air Force jet has recently crashed near Las Vegas with one dead and is 1 of 2 military crashes that happened in the US in the last 48 hours. I would say something like this is suspicious and could be a false flag. They probably have a lot easier time covering up false flags that or committed on a military base where they can really hide and change the story.

If you think that the military would never kill one of their own think again. The VA systems is a health nightmare making sure veterans have health problems early in life and never use cures only fake treatments. They seem to be killing off the veterans to prevent another 1776. So when it comes to killing veterans to change policy opr to continue an agenda of terrorism they will have no problem doing so.

One of the biggest way the military kills you is during boot camp. You will expend all kinds of nutrition that cant be replaced by regular food as you must use a nutritional supplement like the 90 Essential Nutrients.

I think the big picture is that they already have an Army of robots like Zay Jones and they whole recruiting humans for soldiers thing is a front for population control, medical testing and to hide their dragon punch secret weapons.

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