Apr 022018

Verizon Wireless says they are the leader when it comes to 5G technology. It seems that the company is either some kind of government proxy business are they are working directly with the US government to mass murder the United States with microwave radiation. One of the biggest reason you probably don’t see the FBI doing anything is that they are probably using the same tech as a weapon. I have a question? If WiFi isn’t harmful then can we pile up a bunch of router and cell phone towers next to the people who distribute and stick up for the tech the most. It seems like a legal way to kill somebody to me. You can take a huge WiFi emitter and point it at the FBI headquarters and get rid of all of them.

I was recently introduced to a MIFi device by Verizon Wireless and it was some of the worst WiFi that I have ever come across as it burned my body and left stinging feeling even after it was turned of. This is more than enough proof for me that Verizon Wireless is taking part in a hug mass murder campaign along with probably Generals in the US military.

Verizon doesn’t have anywhere close to the money to pay back the people who are hurt and killed by WiFi. The damage they are causing is on a massive scale. A military man from Britain said that they us WiFi as a weapon to kill people all the time.

It’s unbelievable the massive amount of mass kill layers governments and corporation or putting in place to kill life on earth. According to my constitutional rights and local law I am as a person able to put my hands on the people involved at this point since the law doesn’t seem to do anything about it.

The people who run Verizon Wireless are committing mega high treason along with the United States government which seems to have been taken over by wicked friends and family only. It’s time for a purge over governments including lots of jail time and death penalties for all involved. I think the harsh reality is the people tasked with being are protectors like the FBI have really been tasked with covering up large crimes and helping a population agenda move forward. The laws of nature say you forfeit you right to breath and live.

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