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A short Beastie Bay Walkthrough and Guide that can help shed some light on things if your not sure. Beastie Bay can be a pretty easy game at first though it can really get hard towards the end if your not taking elemental weaknesses into account. It’s a good idea to keep catching stronger monsters as the ones in the early game wont be as useful when you get close to the end of the game. There is some more Beastie Bay Tips and Tricks here if your interested.

Beastie Bay Walkthrough and Guide

Capturing Bosses – You are able to catch bosses for use in battle, but your going to have to by the scroll from the Wairo Inc store before you can. Once the scroll is purchase it will also apply to a new game so you can start over if you want to and capture early bosses that you missed out on before the scroll was available.

End Game – The game has two endings. The first one occurs after playing for 5 years and 4 months. A game message will appear and score your action putting it on a high score list. After this point you will not be able to get points towards your high score, but can keep playing. The second end of the game come by beating the end boss and probably completing most if not all of the game content.

Fast Forward – If your looking to speed up the game in the settings it doesn’t become available until later in the game. The game says that’s it’s about half way when I would say that it’s closer to the end. The good thing is that if you start over on a new game that the setting will be available.

Medals – You can earn medals 3 different ways. The first is by completing missions. The second is by generating one every 7 minutes while playing, then restart the app to get your medals when loading your game again. The third way is to purchase them with real money when you unlock the Wairo Inc building which I think happens when you beat the desert boss.

Remove Ads for Free – You can pay $3.99 to remove ads once you get to a certain point in the game. You can do it for free though right away. What you have to do is turn the data off on your device before starting the app and there wont be any ads popping up.

Slot Scrolls – Later in the game scrolls will become available for the use of adding equipment slots to your party so they can equip more things. This however does not increase the star count of the character.

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Here are some Beastie Bay Tips and Tricks that can help you out during gameplay. For the most part his app is pretty easy to complete with a few hurdles that can hold you up. If you keep doing new things and leveling when needed you will have no problem finishing this app. Unlike other app this one can be completed in a reasonable amount of time and without having to pay real money.

Beastie Bay Tips and Tricks

Farming – There are certain stages that can be attempted an infinite amount of time. These should be used to level up your party if your having a hard time defeating certain enemies.

Food and Lumber Storage – Having as many of these building as possible will increase dramatically what you can hold for resources and let you upgrade things to higher levels because of it.

Meager Bait – Always make sure to have enough meager bait on hand for when you need to get e new monster on your team. You should always be researching it so that it’s always being made and you never run out. Later in the game better types of bait will become available that can be used to acquire better monsters.

Medals – These are used to upgrade things like tools and equipment so that it can be even stronger. Since these are so hard to get they should be used on the more important things. The wagon is a great place to spend metals as it will allow more party members to join you in battle, when they die they can be switched out for reserve players.

No Ads – If you want to turn the ads off all you have to do is turn the data off on your device.

Replay Bonuses – Certain stages can be played more than once and should be. The second time you complete a stage you can find new items or people. It’s also a good idea to revisit places after you have gotten more tools as they can be used to unlock new content in the game.

Research Failure – Sometimes when your researching things you will fail and a certain amount of research will be deleted. How to avoid this is to always have at least 2% invested per hour.

Feb 062018

A few Digger Machine Tips and Tricks that might help shed some light on things while your down there. For the most parts things are pretty straight forward as your going to have to mine as far down as you can.

If you have anything that you would like to add feel free to do so in the comments below.

Digger Machine Tips and Tricks

Fastest Route Down – Since the way down is very long and will take awhile your best plan of action is to make a straight line down. The only down side is that after awhile you will come across boulders that will block your way, but can be removed with explosives. When making a straight path down its a good idea to cut left and right passages every once in awhile so you can assess ore and items in those areas latter.

Gas – Make sure that you don’t run out of gas as you’ll have to start over from a save slot. Having enough fuel is very important as you wont be able to play  much without it. It’s a good idea to keep a few extra fuel tanks on hand so you don’t get stuck in a permanent game over position. You can even use teleporters which can really speed up the progression of the game.

By taking lots of fuel with you on exploration you can go just about anywhere. This can be kind of a cheats if you purchase to many extra fuel cans as things will get much easier to complete.

Locating Diamonds – The best way to find diamonds while mining is to use your map. Your map will let you see very far distances around you without having to mine a path all over the place. Diamonds will show up as blues crystals and pretty few and far between when it comes to finding them.

Setting Up Bases – Your main goal when it comes to game progress is to build 7 bases deep down in the planet which each cost Diamonds. You can get diamonds easily by choosing them as a quest rewards instead of cash or items. Having to find diamonds on your own can take a lot of time as they are spread pretty far apart. The bases will get further and further the more that you build. Your gonna need to have your fuel upgrades up to max eventually to reach the deepest areas.

Feb 052018

Below are Dungeon Village Tips and Tricks that can help shed some light on things that you may not have realized. For the most part this app is pretty easy to play and making it to the end will happen eventually if you keep playing. This isn’t your typical app where it’s gameplay isn’t spread out so long that you’ll never finish playing it.

If you have anything that you would like to share feel free to mention it in the comments.

Alchemy Pot – When unlocking crafting recipes at first your going to want to fill the cauldron up to max if you can. This will speed up the revealing of new recipes. After awhile you will be able to upgrade the pot so you can put in more items. Try to focus on the Drk elements as you will need a lot of them and they are hard to come by, try using Bat Wings and Chocolate along with special items. The beset way to fill it up is to purchase all of the cheapest items at the store. After you have unlocked everything you can focus on using items that produce more element spending currency.

Free Full Version – If your playing the lite version, then the full game is gonna be needed for the best gameplay experience. You should be able to find the app for free on Google Play though you can also see a paid version as well.

Inn – The Inn is where the heroes will spend lots of their time. As since of the high traffic to this building it should be placed and the entrance to the enemy fields for fastest use. Since the Inn is used so much it may be better to level it up all the way with gifts earlier rather than later. This will help produce that much more income on probably the most used building.

Making Money – When playing around the beginning of the game earning money will be kind of hard. Not until later will you start to bank up large amount of gold or be able to buy all the best gear for your adventures. Try to get you Pop. up so you can attract more characters and use them to earn an income.

Vacant House – You can get adventurers to move to your town by building a vacant house and having the adventurers Sat at a high enough number. Sometime Sat only needs to be around 30 while sometimes it needs to be much higher. The further you get a character in the game the more Sat they will probably need to move in. You should try and get everyone moved in as soon as possible for extra money. Getting a Sat number up high enough for moving in isn’t that hard, just equip them with good gear and then fill them the rest of the way up by 10.s with gifts.

Feb 042018

Various Click Miner info including tips and tricks, cheats, walkthroughs and guides. For the most part Click Miner is pretty straight forward though you can upgrade things for a slower progression. If you have anything that you would like to add feel free to do so in the comments below.

Click Miner Tips and Tricks

Buying Resources – Often you might be stuck in the situation where you don’t have enough resources for and upgrade or crafting recipe. You can just click on the item and you will be taken to the store where you have to choose the buy tap before choosing to purchase something.

Extra Experience – When you cast spells that have a chance of creating recipes they will generate large amounts of experience when successful.

Faster Gold – To get the fastest rate of passive gold earnings your going to want to purchase many Traders along with upgrading Pavement which will increase passive earning by a certain percent. You can also leave your device on while it’s plugged in to generate lots of gold while your away.

No Ads – If you want to play without having to see ads all you have to do is turn off the data on your device. This can also help as the ads tend to block buttons in the game.

Recruitment – Choosing the right recruits can make all the difference in playing. You going to want to have at least one of everyone, especially the ones that have spells. Having at least one of everything will help gain recipes along with other option that you would miss out on otherwise. The Trader will increase the passive amount of gold gained per second. Having many traders will help the game go by faster by allowing of purchase for the many resources along with upgrade costs. Characters that have better stats than others should be used to replace lesser units for a bigger gain. By increasing your level new recruitments will becomes available for sale.

Feb 032018

Some Grow Castle Tips, Tricks, Cheats, plus Walkthrough and Guide info. Grow Castle is a very long game with what seems like infinite wave amounts. You can look at the leader boards or wave counts and the furthest that anyone has gotten is pretty far and further than the ones before him, it must be some kind of hack as it would take too much time to get done.

Grow Castle Tips and Tricks

Crystals – You will get a crystal for every wave that you complete along with finding them in chest that appear on the battle filed that need to be tapped. Crystals can be used for several things like skipping ahead waves, unlocking enemy weak spots and turning them in for gold at the market.

Decks – You can have different sets ups and keep them ready in your decks. It’s best to have a deck that is set up for gold production along with one that is set up for max power output. You can do a lot of other combination that can be ready at an instant.

Earning Gold Passively – Since the game will produce gold in various ways while your playing you can leave your device on while plugged in to generate income passively.

First Hurdle – One of the first places things will start to get hard is on wave 110. This is where the developers have turned up the difficulty so you’ll have to level things up to get past. One of the biggest factors when it comes to beating wave 110 is selecting a good hero for the front lines. Edward can be a big improvement if you have lots of summons and would mind a couple more with upgraded power. Once you get past 110 things wont be as difficult for awhile though they eventually will get hard again. Try to keep things upgraded to stay ahead of the curve.

Strong Party – The characters that you start with are much less powerful than others that are for sale. You should replace the starting characters will more expensive ones that have better skills and higher attack power. Make sure to do this before you upgrade them too much as they may never be used again. After a short time playing you should be able to get enough gold to unlock any of the character available besides the ones that must be found in the game.

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Below are tips and tricks for The Quest along with some cheats and walkthrough information. The Quest can be a very difficult game if you build you character wrongs. And then if you plan on playing the next installments with the same character it can get even harder.

Changing Drops – Stronger enemies will drop better lot and they can have all kinds of items. The best thing to do is to save before you land the final blow so that you can check out the different items they drop and hopefully get a good one. One you do get something good you can save on a new slots and try again for something possible better.

Poison – Skills and item that poison can take down the biggest enemies in the game. When an enemy is poison they will stay so until their live is totally drained waiting for you to land the last blow. You have to run around in circles or in straight line which can be less hassling.

Skills – The absolute best thing you can do to increase stats is get them up tp level 40 by only using trainers, then you can spend your points on them from leveling up. This will allow you to get higher stats for skills then if you put points into them right away. Your going to want to use books as well as they will cut down on the cost of skill trainers and save level up points.

Skills Without Trainers – The Light Weapons skill along with Attack Magic do not have any trainers in the world. So the only way to level up these skills is by using points from leveling and books. You might want to take these as a main skill so they are cheaper to upgrade.

Wands – These are your best friend and you should hold on to most of them that you find. Once you get a wand that refills other wands you’ll want to use a magic skill like magic drain to have unlimited magic. Magic Drain can be found in a wand as well and will let you have unlimited magic if you use it right. All classes can benefit from wands and they make magic casting much easier and cheaper. If you stuck in the game because of a strong enemy wands are they way to go.

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A Empires and Puzzles Wiki with Strategy Guide and Walkthrough info. Empires and Puzzles is a Role Playing games with a puzzle feature developed by Small Giant Games and is available free for download on Android and iOS. Check back to this Wiki for updated and new content. Feel free to leave any helpful comments below.

Empires and Puzzles Wiki

Strategy Guide

Farming Food Iron & Experience

Tips and Tricks

Titan Guide with Tips

Tips and Tricks

Beating Levels Easy – The best way to play a level is to get the parties special attacks ready before taking on the next wave. This will let you take out most of a new waves enemies right away without having to take much damage. And then always remember to have many party members fully charged for a boss battle so you can take them out right away. Fighting a boss from scratch without any special moves charged will make the battle much harder as the boss will be given a chance to deal lots of damage. With these tactics you should be able to get further than the developers probably intended for your current level.

Epic 4 Star Heroes – You can get Epic 4 star heroes by drawing them from a stores random option or you can make your own with a level 13 or 20 training camp.


To move forward in the game you gonna want to build up your castle area while you try to get as far as you can with the story mission stages. Story mission will give you experience that will raise you main account level and unlock more features as well as increase you energy limits and hero inventory size.

As you build your castle area up the time it takes for building to complete will be much longer.