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According to Dr Joel Wallach you can cure Rheumatoid Arthritis in two weeks using an antibiotic called Minocycline which is a member of the Tetracycline family. You can watch the video below to hear it from the doctors mouth along with other information you might no know about.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is different than other types of arthritis in that is not just a nutritional deficiency but also an infection with a bug called Microplasma. After using the Rheumatoid Arthritis cure Minocycline you may still be faced with the damage the bug left behind. This can be treated and potentially fully repaired by using Wallachs Healthy Bone and Joint Pack. Unfortunately, depending on the damage done by the bug or medications taken you might not be able to fully recover back to normal. The earlier you address the problem the better the outcome will be. Medications have a habit of stopping the body from being able to heal itself and causing more damage than good.

If you have been taking medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis instead of being given the cure it’s your duty to inform the doctor what he’s doing wrong and then telling everyone you know that he’s a quack that’s hurting people is probably a good idea also. These so called treatments along with pharmaceuticals are only meant to dampen symptom to make money long term and are no where close to cures. Right now in America there is a giant wave of domestic terrorism in the form of medical practice that hide cures for disease just to make money long term. It’s up to us to inform others and try to stop this horrific onslaught of greed and misinformation.

For more info on cures and prevention visit the Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki.

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Dr Joel Wallach’s date of birth is June 4th, 1940 and he was born in Missouri. I think many of us are curious how long Joel Wallach is going to live with him being at the four front of nutrition and coming out with the 90 Essential Nutrients along with many other products. His most recent product Imortalium will extend the life of telomeres and cell longevity. I’ve heard Wallach talk about babies eating right and taking the 90 Essential Nutrients living past 200 years old and that was before the release of Imortalium.

As smart and helpful Wallach is he was still born by a mother that didn’t get the full nutrition needed for his development during fertility. This will more than likely put a damper on his life expectancy unless he comes up with something else before his end. I would not be surprised if Wallach and the people around him come up with some product that will cause Imortality to occur so we can live a very very long life. At least something that we can live long with that comes in chocolate.

As long as Wallach has been around and as many people as he has helped including my I’m surprised that the US goverment still runs a business selling fake meds that all treat and don’t cure. I think there is a really big problem with what people are focusing on in the higher up positions and it’s mainly greed, population control and the fear of America becoming something far more than anywhere else on earth.

Right now many people are be harmed by going to quack doctors that are miseducated with made up knowledge that is only meant to make money long term. It’s so late in the game that many of them probably already know in the higher up positions and are keeping there mouths shut to keep there jobs more than likely. It’s unbelievable the torture people are going through on a day to day basic with the only people trained to help them not helping at all.

It’s a huge scam making money on college then trapping people in debt and easy money to keep there mouths shut and there hands doing dirty deeds. The doctors die at an early age only to be replaced by the next new recruit fresh out of college just like sports. Live expectancy is one of the most valuable things we have and Wallach’s 90 Essential Nutrients would replace most of the drugs they have on the market today. Whoever said that the FDA was a protected monopoly is really trying to say that police and government agencies meant to protect us are corrupted to the point there no help. If there is a hell these people are walking on a fine line. It’s true what they say, hospitals are one of the most dangerous places on earth. If I was a police officer I would probably get fired for arresting doctors the deal prescription drugs like a regular old drug dealer.

For more information on cures and prevention visit the Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki.

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Hustle Castle Hot Ashes stage can be a real pain if your under leveled and have not upgraded your rooms very far. One of the key things to remember is that the boss will target Archers first and then work his way up to the front taking out any mages you might have. The second thing will be the bosses physical resistance making mages the best for damage. If you remove the archers from your party the boss will target the front row like normal putting your tanks to good use.

This can be a harder level than it’s suppose to be if you don’t under stand how the boss attacks. For the most part you will eventually get past Hot Ashes if you keep improving your gear and upgrading rooms.

Hot Ashes Tips

Archers – Archers will be targeted first if you have any then mages and warriors last. If you don’t use any archers the front row will be targeted first like normal.

Crafting – The best way to get gear is to craft it yourself. You might want to replace mage weapons since they will be doing all the damage.

Enemy Info – You can view different information about enemies by tapping there picture before entering battle. For this boss he will target Archers first then work his way up to the front row taking out the weaker classes first. The boss info will also mention that he is immune to physical damage so mages will do the most damage.

Immune To Physical Damage – The boss wont take much damage when using physical attacks from the Archer and Warrior classes. Mages weapons and spells are the best way to cause damage.

Revive Spell – What worked best for me was using two mages with the resurrect spell on there weapons and then two warriors up front to act as tanks. The mages revived just enough times to get the job done though it was a close call. This set up seemed to work much better than anything else I had tried.

Spells – Magic Orb will cause normal damage and will help take down the boss since his is vulnerable to magic damage only. By the time you get to Hot Ashes you should be able to bring 2 spells into battle though 3 will help out a lot more.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Jan 012018

If your looking for a Hustle Castle Forum there doesn’t seem to be an official one. You can check out this Hustle Castle Wiki though which has a lot of information on various things. If you have any questions or added info you can leave them in the comments.

Hustle Castle FAQ

Best Way To Get Equipment – The best way to get good gear for free players is to make it yourself through crafting. This way you’ll be able to get what you want instead of relying on random chests. You should start out replacing items that are weak or underleveled. You can get shards for crafting by breaking down items that you don’t need anymore.

Classes – You might not have realized it but there are technically 4 classes. They are the Warrior, Archer, Mage and Archer with melee weapon. When you equip the Archer with a melee weapon it will dramatically increase the DPS and max power though defense will be on the low side. According to the poll below and from experience the mage with it’s revive spell that comes on weapons is a must have as it let’s me beat players that have a higher squad power. Having more then one reviver can be a big help too. The warrior is a must have as a tank and will keep the back row save most of the time. The archer seems to be lacking slight when it comes to damage output since the mage can hit multiple targets. The archers only real benefit is that it can attack from a long ways away.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Easier Stages – If you having a hard time completing a stage you can wait awhile and them enemies and difficulty can change. This can also be done for invasion when they are to difficult and cant be beat. Just wait a short ime and the enemies and and power level should lower.

Forum – This page is not a forum though it does have a small faq. You can find lots of info if you visit the Hustle Castle Wiki.

How To Delete Dwellers – When you start to replace dwellers that have low potential your gonna have to delete some to make room. This can be done in the inventory screen by tapping the button to the right of the character. This is also where you can rename then with something else.

How To Merge Rooms – When you put a room next to another that is the same type and level they will merge into one bigger room. This is useful for collecting resources as you’ll have to tap less. When merging the hospital you will only increase space. You might want to unmerge rooms to have a cheaper upgrade cost.

Pets – Pets are for decorating purposes only and will not increase any stats or help when the castle is attacked. They could of at least included them in the defense of a potential resource thief.

Reset – If for some reason you wanted to start over the developers didn’t make it very easy. You’ll have to attach your game to another account then start a fresh install under the old account which should be empty and new again. This will have to be done if a new install didn’t start things over for you.