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Various information on Flashs Bounty including Tips and Tricks, Cheats, Walkthrough info all put together in a small guide. Flashs Bounty can be a tricky game if you don’t spend wisely and choose the right level up bonuses. Below are a few different ways that you can get ahead in the game. If you have anything to add feel free to mention it in the comments.

Flashs Bounty Guide

Easy Killing – The best way to take down your enemies is to overwhelm them with the number of troops you have. This will kill enemies faster so you use less units. The more units in a group the harder they will hit each turn in battle.

How To Win Story Mode – For me I choose to use all of the chest for leadership increases until I made it to the last level where I took the money instead. For level up bonuses I always choose to increase unit attack and defense when I could. The game can be made harder if you don’t follow a couple rules, always try to have the largest party possible and increase leadership so you can have bigger parties. For the last level I purchased Dragons and other units that where for sale on the world map.

Infinite Mode – After you beat the game Infinite Mode will be unlocked where you can see how far you can get. Large world maps will be generated filled with treasure, enemies and treasure chests. You have to use what you find as see how far you can make it without dying.

Taking Castles – Castles will have a lot more enemies than normal attacks and they also have a couple arrow guns that cause ranged damage. First your going to have to buy a catapult at a town before your able to attempt a castle take over. Be sure to have the largest party possible so you can take down the enemy faster with less casualties. If you fail to take them over on e the first try the enemies you killed will still be gone so you will have less opposition.

Jan 302018

Below are Ten Million RPG Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Walkthrough info and Guidance. Ten Million can be a tricky RPG to play if you get lost in the story line or can’t defeat some of the stronger enemies.

Ten Million RPG Tips, Tricks and Cheats

End Boss – After defeating the end boss more game content will open up that will allow you to play longer completing a few more tasks and finding more enemies to fight along with lots of new gear. In the forgotten Village stairs will appear that let you travel into the under world where you can fight new enemies and get gear along with more Dragon Pearls. The Arena will also open up where you will want to fight your way all the way up to S class so your can fight the extra boss in the Forgotten Village underground in the Dark Dungeon at the very bottom, you have to walk through the wall in the blind path area.

Getting Gold Fast – On the very northwest part of the world map there is land next to mountains with a library that has chest behind a locked door. If you fight the enemies out side you will eventually come across the Rare Metal enemy that can attack in groups of 5 worth 500G each. This is a great way to earn gold fast for purchase of better gear at places like the Arena Town. You can also stock up on items like phoenix downs along with others. It only takes a short time before you have enough to purchasing anything you want. If you have your agility at 25 or more you will attack first before they have a chance to flee.

Getting Stuck – If your having problems find what to do then the best thing would be to talk to all the NPC’s that have an important role and the ones that you haven’t talk to yet. Making sure you talk to everyone will hell you from getting stuck in find you more playable characters.

No Ads – The only ads  that are in the game pop up when your saving and when you die there is a chance to revive the party after viewing one. If you want to turn the ads off all you have to do is turn the data off on your device. This can speed up the saving process, though you’ll have to turn it back on when you need reviving in case you get your party ko’ed.

Refilling MP – Besides using items to restore your MP when your on the road you can also use spells that transfer MP from one player to another. You can even use the Raises MP from players who are not in the top 5 playable classes. This can be a good way to refill MP on the go with having to stop at inns less or survive better in longer dungeons.

Stronger Gear – You will find the best gear in dungeons once you get closer to the end of the game and the content that opens up after beating the end boss. Up until then you’ll want to purchase the equipment they have for sale in Arena Town.

Jan 292018

Below are Tap Dungeon RPG Tips and Tricks along with hints, cheats, walkthrough information and more. Tap Dungeon RPG is one of the few games for mobile that can actually be beaten in a reasonable amount of time and doesn’t require you to spend more for any of the features.

If you have anything to add feel free to do so in the comments below.

Tap Dungeon RPG Tips and Tricks

Diamond Records – If you check the high score for diamond the person is way above the rest of everyone els and probably hacked the game somehow. I don’t think there is enough gear in the game to get the high of score or anywhere close to it.

Fast Easy Leveling – For fast and easy leveling of your characters and to get lots of loot leave your device on while your away and it will play automatically. You will have to turn of the screen dimmer so it will stay on permanently and then you’ll have to keep your device plugged in and charging at the same time. The best time to do this is when your sleeping and then when you wake up you’ll have tons of gold to level up characters with.

Gold Rush – Once in awhile large green words will flash across the screen talking about a gold rush on a certain floor. When you see the floor which is being mined there will be a blinking purple crytal instead of a blue one that has a very high chest drop rate. The best thing to do is tap the crystal with multiple fingers for the fastest rate of chests possible.

Increase Mining Speed – This is an upgrade in the mining guild that will max out after 5 upgrades. This will speed up your miners so they get gold faster along with more chests. The earlier you max out this skill the better.

No Ads – To play without ads all you have to do is turn the data off on your device. The ads arent really that bad and the only reason to really do it would be to conserve data.

Tapping – You can tap crystals that are being mined for and increased gold rate along with more chests. You want to use more than one finger to tap for the fastest gain possible. If you use to many fingers though the screen will scroll up and down making it hard to target a certain floor.

Vault – The vault can be a waste of diamonds when it comes to upgrading. The amount of gold gotten is pretty small compared to how much you get while playing and the app is open. It can be a small amount of gold while the app is close, but it is a pretty small amount. If you don’t plan on leaving your device on for large gains than this could be good for you, but diamonds would be better spent on gold increase and added miners.

Jan 282018

On February 5th, 2014 Rocky Traversie got himself into a whole lot of trouble. After having the police take his kid away for reason I’m unaware of Rocky decided to get high. This is when things got out of control. He apparently went to his mom house and held them hostage by not letting them leave. Eventually someone left the how and called the police at a neighbors house and this is when things really got out of control.

Rocky had told the officers multiple time that he was not going to give himself up and that if the police tried to arrest him that he would start swinging and that’s exactly what he did. The police apparently lost patience and decided to rush him in an attempt to place him under arrest. Rocky followed through with his word and took a few swings at the police putting 3 in the hospital apparently with one of them having a broken eye socket. If the police had listened better and had more patience they could have ended the situation peacefully, but they decided that they would ignore all warnings so you can kind of say they got what they deserved or asked for.

After Rocky punched several officers they all pilled on him and beat him relentlessly with their fists and clubs cracking his skull wide open which required staples to fix. While Rocky was pleading for his life after being attack by the police they continued to pill on him taking out their aggression in a clicky fashion where they all seemed to get too emotionally involved. The police beat was so horrible that the states attorney along with the Sioux Falls police department hide all of the camera footage which would imply that they broke the law as well and were covering their tracks.

After they took Rocky into custody, instead of driving him to a hospital for care they took him to the out side of the police station where 2 or more police pulled their guns on Rocky threatening his life. Rocky said he has never been so scared and though he was going to die. They take a blood sample from him and contaminated it so the blood was green so they could show that he was on meth or other drugs. The contamination of the blood sample is breaking the law and the doctors and police involved would be classified as criminals for doing so. It doesn’t end there though. When punching the officers Rocky broke his hand so bad that you could see broken bones making lumps in his hand. The y refused him medical care and left him with a broken hand for over a year in jail which shows these police acted not only unprofessionally, but show that they to decided to break the law.

Apparently, the 2 police officers that threaten to kill Rocky at gun point after the fact were fired for doing so which is better than nothing, but still a slap on the hand where more punishment should have been handed out. After this incident the Sioux Falls police decided it would be a good idea to give officers stun guns so they could protect themselves without having to use lethal force.

This situation exposes how the Sioux Falls police are having a hard time doing their job and that high ranking officers along with the states attorneys and without a doubt breaking the law. The doctor who took the blood sample and contaminated it was some how connected to the police on an emotional level and though that it was a good idea.

When on organization is left to govern itself like police and the FDA the become corrupt because nobody will hold anyone else accountable for fear of loosing their job or worse not to mention title blindness thinking your are something because of it when your still just who you are. You would think that the police would be held to an even hire standard, but it looks like the quality of law enforcement in Sioux Falls is on the low side. Then when you consider that the military has assassins that work in or can transfer to larger police stations at a moments notice things seem to be hopelessly corrupted. When police have the ability to hide information completely they come of as committing crimes and should be held accountable for the public’s safety, Michael Hastings death would be a prime example as he was assassinated with a car bomb and police along with the FBI covered up evidence and disposed of his body without permission. Or how about an even bigger example lick 9/11 which was obviously done with heave US military and FBI support showing again that these agencies can’t govern themselves.

I know Rocky personally and though he may have done some undesirable things in his life he was a good person that had the respect of many. If the police were of a hire caliber these events could have been avoid completely.

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Jan 272018

The American Cancer Society is far from finding a cure and always will be. If they did find a cure than they would loose money in all the other cancer treatments and money is what they are after. There slogan for donation is “Imagine a world free of cancer”. This statement is a lie and only meant to pull in more money for treatment research. If they did find a cure it would come in the form of a treatment that would cost so much money that most people wouldn’t be able to afford it. Now how would that make the world free of cancer.

The FDA is constantly raiding any doctors offices that come even close to having a natural cure to make sure they can keep all the money for themselves. Donald Trump is suppose to get them to release cures instead of treatments, but I doubt that will happen without a huge price tag. If the FDA does finally release a cure for cancers they should be shut down for holding out on it for the purpose of depopulation and greed. It’s way past due for these monsters to be shut down and put their resources towards real cures and not money making treatments. The donation go towards research which is really testing on people that kills and destroys lives all for the purpose of finding new treatments, not miracle cures.

Dr Joel Wallach is a man that has knowledge of tons of cures and has put together a product called the 90 Essential Nutrients which can cure cancer. But how did you get cancer in the first place? By not removing the cause you will have a harder time getting ride of it. Did you here that American Cancer Society, the 90 Essential Nutrients cures cancer and yet your still pretending to look for a cure which shows you hand that you are the wrong people for the job. Vitamin B17 is also suppose to be a cure for cancer.

The FDA is hell bent on treatment since they make money. They don’t make money though, but steal money from people that worked hard for it. On their website they deny that cell phone towers cause cancer which shows their hand again that a cure and prevention isnt what they are looking for. They also admit that X-Rays cause cancer so why then do you keep using them when we have Ultra Sonic HD that is harmless. Because they are only interested in profits and not human lives.

The treatment they have for cancer are horrific and murderous making it clearly look like they are trying to kill people. It’s to bad that the FBI and others let this kind of stuff go on. These people will surely end up in hell for their actions as less hurtful people seem to be there according to testimonies. Stop, cease, desist and repent. Hopefully Trump is able to force these guys to use cures, but then they should loose the responsibility all together and put other people in those jobs who will help people and not steal from people on their death bed.

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Jan 262018

Some Super Miner Grow Miner Tips and Tricks to help you out during gameplay. For the most part things are pretty straight forward when it comes to progression. Dig as far as you can then move onto the next mine for added income and resources. There are a few things that might not be obvious so I’ll go into more detail with them below.

Check back in the near future for updated and new content.

Super Miner Grow Miner Tips and Tricks

Displayable Minerals – Sometimes when opening a sealed ore you will find a displayable mineral that will generate cash over time in the Mine Museum. For each one that you collect you will generate $50 per second. If you let the museum fill to max cash you will get added money as a bonus. Since you can only carry 2 sealed ore at a time it’s a good idea to open them right away just encase you get one of these minerals. In addition the more you have the higher the max amount of gold that can be earned in the museum.

Faster Tapping – You can use more than one finger to tap for more speed. 3 fingers seem to work well while 4 fingers have a tendency to scroll the screen all over the place. This comes in handy when using the faster mining skill. You can also find different apps that will tap the screen for you which can make a huge difference in progression.

Hiring Miners – When you have reached you maximum for miners you will have the option to combine or fuse 2 miners that you already have to make room for a new one when using the Mining Company option. This is a bad idea as you will reduce the max amount of miners that you can possible have since the fused miners will disappear. The best thing to do is save up for more lodge space.

Refinery – Buying refineries will allow you to refine more minerals at the same time. Each refinery will add one more possible production slot that will lets you make more over time.

Jan 252018

I have known about this for awhile but just saw the video below and wanted to share it with others. The radiation coming off cell phone towers and wifi routers causes cancer and is even more dangerous for children. It’s unbelievable that since this has been made aware for many years that nobody in the government responsible for catching killers has taken action. It looks to be another high treason anti-christ move by rich people to reduce population and make money at the same time.

This kind of behavior shows the hands of government like the FBI as not effective and having another agenda. It looks like people are to worried about loosing their pay check so if one FBI agent makes a fuse the rest of them will pill on them to stop them from causing an problems with the rich people.

With the amount of damage these towers do to the public the cell phone companies like Verizon, Sprint and others don’t have enough money to pay people for the damages. Putting one of these towers next to human development is obviously against the law, but for some reason police, judges and lawyers they either don’t care or are in on the murdering deeds. They are definitely not doing their job.

The people that work on these towers probably all die of cancer and have way more than enough evidence to sue that pants of these domestic terrorism companies. The fact that nothing has happened shows how corrupt and worthless the US government has become or always has been.

They are suppose to be coming out with 5G soon which is suppose to cause cancer at an even higher rate than 4G and their other frequencies. Things like this are way most politicians should be thrown in jail and made a public example of. Dear FBI, you are useless and should be thrown in jail as well for 9/11, the recent attempt to over throw Trump and the mountain of other illegal activity including high treason and devil worshiping. The FBI is suppose to handle stuff like this, but since their not doing anything you could say they need to be replaced or at least many of their employees. In one ear and out the other or not even. Someone should tap the FBI and set them up to expose their illegal activity. It would be so easy if the military actually wanted to clean up the world and not destroy everything. There seems to be a lot of FBI quiting since Trump got in and I would say they are criminal that don’t want to get caught for treason and other illegal activity. They should be under investigation and prosecuted.

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Jan 242018

The video below shows Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj & Shakira with their eyes changing from normal to a lizard like shape. Many people online call them Reptilian Shapeshifters which means that they are an alien race that can shape shift or has the technology to do so.

It’s funny that all of these people are about the same popularity when it come to music and seem to be close to the top of their piers. This makes it seem even more real and look like an alien race is trying to manipulate the human race which doesn’t seem to be as open to the cosmos. If this is the truth than the US government is most certainly in on it with possible much much more information on extra terrestrials.

For me I mostly believe the video since it doesn’t seem to be edited and the fact that I have been hearing about Reptilians now for a while from people like David Icke. I have also listened to Steven Greer a lot who has come in contact with aliens several times and has lead the way in revealing information on aliens along with many witnesses. So the though of aliens to me doesn’t get me all exited as their existence seems to be inevitable in the huge galaxy and a normal every day occurrence. If the traffic on this website goes down after posting this I will be even more of a believer as websites seem to get penalized for posting big things or cures for diseases.

Here is another video talking about Justin Bieber having a problem with getting caught shapeshifting in public. It doesn’t have as much evidence as it’s a lot of heresay without very good pictures. I they really wanted to prove he was a shapeshifter they should get the airport camera from Australia.

Jan 232018

If your looking for Dungeon Loot Redeem Codes the best place to find them is one their Facebook page. The seem to release codes that work for different games though some of them seem to long for this app. You might not be able to use some of the codes since they have expired, but some of them might still work.

The game comes with a code already called “newbie”. When entered and after you click redeem you get 500 gold. It’s not much, but it will help in upgrading your character a little bit. At the most you probably won’t be getting that much when it comes to code rewards.

Developers can also put codes on the game that will earn you lots of currency that can ruin the game. This would be more for game testers or maybe people close to the developer. They might not have something like this in the app, but they could too. It might be shown somewhere in the game code if you have knowledge of how to do things like that.

You might want to check the devs Facebook often so you don’t miss out on anything. You might have to search through the many post to find what you need.

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Jan 222018

This post will go over different ways to go to hell according to various testimonies of people who died and went to hell or had an out of body experience and went there. I never really took Hell that serious until I saw the videos below. They really wake you up to what might happen to you on the other side. According to the videos it’s seems a little easier to got to hell than I original thought. Since the point of this post is to try an help people from going to hell I think the best way would be to reverse any bad behavior and add new good behavior along with being aware of Jesus Christ. Defiantly do not go against God or the the use of good behavior intentionally for whatever reason.

Ways To Go To Hell

FDA – The Food and Drug Administration is a horrific nightmare of fake knowledge meant to keep people sick while making money off treatments that will never cure you. Then they hope it will get so bad that you’ll need to have an expensive surgery. This seems to be for massive greed purposes along with population control and holding down a country so that it can be manipulated or taken over. The FDA is committing some of the highest treason and sin that has probably ever existed. Most people that are involved with the FDA are probably going to hell thanks to there none progressive murderous anti-christ behavior. It’s so bad that I would not be surprised if the top officials at the FDA, CDC and other so called government agencies are practicing devils worshipers that are intentionally going against God.

The 90 Essential Nutrient is a nutritional supplement that can prevent all birth defects along with most of the disease known to man. It will also cure an absolute ton of things. Check out this video on the 90 Essential Nutrients so you can live a long healthy life with having to suffer from disease and the torturous treatments of the FDA.

Doctors that prescribe drugs are in a scam system where there will never be a cure. The people have a responsibility to heal you like you think they will, but will never do that because they have been purposely given the wrong information at colleges to choose making money over human life.

What the FDA is doing with cancer patients is horrific and will most defiantly get the people involved with cancer treatment put in hell. It’s one of the few things that all doctors involved can make money so there is lots of incentive to rush someone into murderous chemo therapy and there other treatments. The FDA works very hard to make sure there are no cures for cancer going viral as cancer is one of there biggest money makers. The 90 Essential Nutrients can cure different cancers when taken correctly with a healthy diet.

As a result of the FDA way of thinking there is supposedly a ton of secret l;abs and underground facilities taking part in the manipulation of the human body. They are doing the worst things possible to humans in cages which I would imagine is almost like hell itself. I heard in one case they have human heads on turtle bodies. They also surly take part in massive cloning of humans which is suppose to be illegal, but not for the rich who don’t follow any laws.

High Ranking Military and Possibly All – Though a country needs to have defenses against who knows what they seem to abuse their power in probably some of the worse ways possible. Generals in the military along with many other players are guilty of committing some of the worst crimes know to man. 911 and the World Trade Centers would be a good example since it was an inside job with heavy US military support. There is so much information on the subject now that it makes the FBI and military look like high treason anti-christ criminals. 911 was the same thing as the Pearl Harbor bombing as it was an excuse to start a war. The people involved with these crimes against humanity will probably land in hell pretty easy.

Even though these people are just taking orders they are guilty of high sin. I don’t think the US military is getting payed so they can kill and torture US citizens, but that’s what they do on a daily basis. Not to mention the absolute ton of so called classified information that would save many lives and make the quality of life better. Who let the killers hold on to the important things in life. The way they take soldiers and treat them like test subjects injecting them with all kinds of secret modifying vaccinations a person should avoid the military at all costs. Not to mention the VA hospitals are full of doctors that have outdated knowledge or are just wrong when it comes to the health of veterans.

I heard that the soldiers that found Osama Bin Lladen during Obama’s term were executed be being flown out into water with a helicopter then shot with sniper rifles by other soldiers. That’s because there was never a living Osama Bin Lladen found as his body was supposedly on ice for a long time. These type of people seem to be headed to hell for sure. I bet they think their so oorah tough only to find out when they die that they were mislead by satin thinkers and get sentenced to hell.

The US military seems to be extremely corrupt with killers everywhere. I don’t think Jesus would kill people with bombs, guns and bio weapons.

Police, Judges and Lawyers – I don’t think kidnapping people and throwing them in a jail cell with nothing along with poison food and water is the best way to take care of a person. America has more people in jail per person than any other country in the world. I know we need a defense for crimes that occur, but police have a long way to evolve if they want to say they are actually helping people. The system seems to hate labeled criminals and instead of helping them grow will lazilly throw them away for a certain amount of time. And who gave these guys guns and a license to kill. Police should have none kill weapons, but then they wouldn’t get away with murder.

Many people may have already noticed how police will refuse to give information on certain crimes and seem to cover up what really happened. Police station in big cities seem to have assassins that work for them are who are ready to kill at will. They may even have someone come over from the military, FBI or CIA posing as a police officer to kill someone like actors who promote cures for disease or singers pointing the finger at devil worshipers in high ranking job positions. There seems to be a ruling elite or people with lots of money and influence that can give police and military orders from time to time.

Where police would go to hell is thinking to lightly about there actions and throwing everyone in jail believing this is their job. What there not looking at is the systems set up to not help people and the ripple effect like breaking up a family or destroying someones life for minor reasons. A huge red flag is the massive amount of police show on tv that only show them in a good light. This is a propaganda campaign to make something look like it’s not to prevent having to change it. In real life people suffer from feelings of police brutality when they see or deal with the police in action. Another just taking orders job position that is likely to get you thrown in hell for being an absolute terror.

Rich and Famous – These people have the chance to communicate important information to large groups of people, but will either not talk about anything useful or deliver harming information. One of the biggest reasons why they keep their mouths shut is that they are afraid they will either loose their fortunes or be killed by some private execution team, military or even the local police. For some reason most of the rich and famous are full of useless information that doesn’t help anyone.

Worship Satin – Apparently there are a ton of people that worship satin and other evil spirits. Somehow they may be getting rewarded and certain strength from doing so without knowing the possible outcome for their actions. Some of these people are being mislead by satin with the promise that they will be rewarded after death or travel to some kind of vacation area, but this seems to be the furthest from the truth according to testimonies as you really just end up in Hell with demons doing all kinds of horrible things to your spirit.

A Small Prayer

Since there somehow seems to be people in this world getting power from satin or other evil spirits by and for doing horrible things against God I pray to cut them off from any kind of communication that helps feed these peoples evil deeds in the name of Jesus Christ.


The information above is based on the testimonies of the people in the below videos.

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