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Hustle Castles Demons Ground is another stage that can be hard to beat if you don’t have the best gear or your rooms are under leveled. This is a small walkthrough and guide with tips to help get past the barrier along with other road blocks ahead.

For the most part if you replace weak equipment and upgrade rooms you will eventually get past any obstacle.

Demons Ground Tips

Best Classes – The best 2 classes seem to be the Mage and then the Warrior. The mage has a spell on some weapons that will revive fallen party members and can be a huge help especially if you have more than one. The Warrior is a must have as your gonna need at least one tank up front to keep the back row safe. The Archer doesn’t seem to have much power when it comes to damage output and when you facter in no revive are tanking they art so useful. You can put melee weapons on Archer cloths for a very large squad power increase though defense will be on the squishy side.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Best Spells – According to the poll below Lion’s Spirit is the best spell by popular vote. It has a large increase to attack that last for a decent amount of time. Plus the spell will stack with other spell and enable them to cause more damage. The second best seems to be Magic Orb which is the first spell and goods for taking down single enemies once it’s power up.

Hustle Castle Best Spell

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Enemy Info – You can tap the pictures of enemies before entering a stage to see information on them that can help during battle. Many of the bosses will have a few special traits like attacking Archers first or immunity to physical damage. The enemy info can sure help shed some light on things when you have know idea whats going on. For Demons Ground there isn’t really anything s special happening as you’ll just need to strengthen your fighters.

Stage Change – If a stage is too hard you can replay it in the future and things can be different. There can be different enemies or a lower amount of squad power needed to complete it. It can take a couple of days or more for the change to acquire and it may not work for bosses.

Check the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.

Dec 302017

Being in a Hustle Castle Clan can have benefits thought they might not be that big. About the only thing you can do to help your group is to give them resources when they ask for them. To do that though you’ll need multiple members to donate before you can get your resources. When increasing the level of your hall you’ll be able to request more resources.

Since this game is still kind of new and they seem to still be adding new stuff the developers might add more option in the future since it seems to be limited.

Join the “Fallout Shelter” Clan

I have started a clan and called it Fallout Shelter which is named after the game Hustle Castle is a lot like. I know the name isn’t the best, but I had to think of something. There are no limitations for joining and everyone is welcome. It seems to be a hard task to find a clan that has enough people to share resources since you’ll need several people to do so. I figure this post will help gather new members who would like to join one that is active with many players.

Leave Your Clan In The Comments Below

If you would like to leave the name of your clan in the comments so people can join feel free to do so. It costs 50,000 gold to start a new one which isn’t that much after playing for awhile.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot more.

Dec 292017

Lava Storm is another Hustle Castle stage that will require the player to build up a bit before moving on. This small walkthrough and guide will go over the basics and what can be done to improve for Lava Storm completion.

The easiest thing to do that can take awhile is to just upgrade rooms you have and make better gear to replace the weaker stuff. If you move forward in the game you’ll eventually pass the hurdles.

Lava Storm Tips

Best Class – At first using the archers can be a big help, but in the later part of the game the archers tends to be less useful than a mage and a warrior. The below poll would seem to confirm this the archer has gotten more votes lately. Make sure you try a different party because you might get a stronger outcome.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Crafting – Don’t forget to use your crafting station as they can be great for replacing old weaker gear. You can get shards for crafting by breaking down items in your inventory. The better the item broken down the higher quality the shard. You can also buy shards in the Portal shop.

Resurrection – The resurrect spell can be a big help when your dying a lot. Out of all the different party builds having a person to raise dead people is up at the higher end of the list. The resurrection spell comes on the weapons of mages sometime and will bring back a dead party member with a large amount of health, then after about 10 second the spell is ready again.

Spells – The spell Lion’s Spirit seem to be the most popular and best to use according to the poll below. Probably because it raises attack for the whole party by a large amount for a decent amount of time. The other good thing about Lion’s Spirit is it will increase the attack of spells too. Magic Orb is a close second for a good early damage spell.

Hustle Castle Best Spell

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Squad Power – Pay attention to your power level when you equip certain item. Some are better than other and you might not know it unless your watching your power level. Equipping the right armor for archers and mages will make a big difference when it comes to attack power. For some wierd reason you can put duel daggers with archer cloths for a very large power increase.

Stages Change Over Time – If you wait a certain amount of time stages can change the enemies and squad power. If at first it might seem hard try again later to find that it has maybe changes. This happened to me once on a Scorching Grounds stage. The enemies would always attack from behinds killing of me weaker back row, but after some time there where no enemies attacking from the back any more.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and a lot more.

Dec 282017

Various information and videos about Dr Joel Wallach and Heart Attacks, Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Disease, Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and more. For the most part when you hear Wallach say a certain nutrient will cure or prevent a disease what he really means is that you should take the 90 Essential Nutrients to be on the safe side. Taking the 90 will make things much easier as you wont have to hunt around and purchase  many of them separate which would be costly.

For more information on cures and prevention visit the Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki.

The above video talks about how being a vegetarian will cause a number of diseases and illnesses due to not enough nutrition like Thiamine, Selenium or cholesterol. Vegans have a higher chance of getting clogged arteries due to cooking with extra virgin olive oil that turns into transfatty acids.

Dec 272017

If your wonder is Dr Joel Wallach stile alive the answer to that question as of this post is yes. Thankfully Wallach is still with the living and hopefully will be for along time to come. I’ve heard Wallach talk about new born babies getting the 90 Essential Nutrients and a healthy diet living 200 years plus. I would be willing to bet that he will find immortality or something close to it sometime soon or before he kicks the bucket.

Wallach was born on June 4, in 1940 and is currently 76 years old. One of his biggest discoveries is was published in a text book called Diseases of Exotic Animals. Working with other people they found out that when an animal or human dies from natural causes it’s because of nutritional deficiency of some kind. That is a huge finding for life on planet earth and we can finally start to put all that witch craft and quack doctor information behind us.

Unfortunately, the FDA and others like them are having a hard time letting go of their ill practices and misguided teachings. Take fertility for example, the 90 Essential Nutrients is said to prevent all birth defects when taken with a healthy diet during pregnancy and after birth. Yet the main stream medical industry still has pediatricians giving mothers to be the wrong information causing birth defects. At this point in the game it has to be done on purpose to make money. Only it’s not making money, but stealing hard earned money from innocent people looking for help in the wrong place. They say one of the most dangerous places to be in this day and age is in a hospital.

With the FDA not having any cures for disease besides antibiotics and only using treatments to profit long term it has to come to an end eventually. The system is doomed to fail with a seemingly endless bath of wrong answers propped up with title blindness and greed. When a person like me who is not a doctor has more information then a doctor something is very wrong with the education process. It seems like there only goal is to make lots of money over long periods of time like a mafia or organized crime bracket.

It’s time to put the cures and knowledge of Dr. Joel Wallach up against the medical industry and publicly see who is the best. It seems like all of the donations go towards cruel treatments and useless jobs when the cures are ignored for money sake. Health is one thing that should not be profited on like just another product. If we were healthier it would improve all aspects of life making the world more profitable undoubtedly. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to give someone a treatment when there is a cure on the table, but the law never seems to go after the problems in this situation. I guess the FBI has it’s hands tied being ever so selective of the criminals they hold accountable and the Sheriffs awareness is cloudy at best. Wouldn’t it be nice if there where things like laws that could stop criminals from committing crimes and help them when they do.

Being a doctor is suppose to be one of the biggest titles out there. You gotta go to school for a long time and pay a lot of money for your education. But the way doctors are just making money on prescription meds like a drug dealer on the corner and unneeded surgeries they sadly fall very short of their high title illusions. Never has it been so easy to go to school for an education on how to be a psycho killer.

For more information on cures and prevention visit the Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki.

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Dec 262017

Below is a video that has Dr Joel Wallach Fertility information in depth with lots of added stuff about having children without birth defects, baby food, cribbing, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Downs, Gay and more. The video is pretty big and covers a lot of stuff. If you want just fertility info then skip to 00:27:37 which is just under a half hour in. If you have the time you really should watch the whole video to get a better understanding of how nutrition works.

Wallach has talked a lot about having babies without birth defects by taking the 90 Essential Nutrients along with a healthy diet that consists of eggs along with many other whole and natural foods. Eggs are important as they provide a healthy source of cholesterol that the body needs to grow as some body parts are made up of up to 60%. Protein is also an important ingredient of the egg. The best way to eat an egg is to poach is so the yolk is still runny. Wallach says that eggs are a major part of a growing child’s diet and should be eat often or even every day.

One birth defect that you might not have know about is being born gay. Wallach says that somewhere during the growth faze inside mom a baby will develop being gay if not given the right nutrition.

One of the most important things about what Wallach says is the fact that pediatricians are practically giving kids birth defects on purpose by not giving soon to be or pregnant mothers at least the 90 Essential Nutrients. It look like there all in it for the money as the hospital stands to make a lot of cash over the life span of a handicap child. Pediatricians should immediately be reeducated to prevent any more harm and by not doing so is commuting one of the most horrific crimes against humanity. It’s unbelievable that these educated so called professionals in hospitals are working every day giving children birth defects that destroy families and peoples lives. The fact that it still goes on has to be some kind of domestic terrorism or depopulation attempt.

If you can prevent all birth defects by using the 90 Essential Nutrients along with a healthy diet then donations could be used for prevention instead making sure everyone can have healthy children.

Baby food is an important subject brought up talking about all the major baby food brands like Similac, Enfamil, Gerber and many more only having about 20% of the needed nutrition inside there foods. That means there completely missing certain vitamins and minerals that your body needs especially a crowing child.

For more information on cures and prevention visit the Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki.

Dec 252017

A Dr Joel Wallach Wiki with cures and prevention info plus more like Bio, 90 Essential Nutrients, Contact Info, CDs, and hopefully tons more. This Dr Joel Wallach Wiki is meant to fill up with all the information it can possibly get on the different cures, prevention, life extension and other beneficial knowledge for the body from the mouth of Wallach.

Dr. Joel Wallach Wiki


Age: Born June 4, 1940 in Missouri

Education: National University of Natural Medicine (1982), University of Missouri (1964), University of Missouri (1962)

Cures, Prevention and More

Date of Birth is June 4th, 1940 Missouri

Fertility – No Birth Defects, Baby Food, Cribbing, ADD, ADHD and more

Heart Attack, Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Disease, Thiamine, Selenium

Is Dr Joel Wallach Still Alive?

Rheumatoid Arthritis Cure with Minocycline in Two Weeks!

Cures & Prevention Videos

The video below has many clips of Wallach speeches and organizes them according to a certain ailment, cure, prevention or other related information. Since it’s a collaboration of many videos and not just a normal interview/speech it would probably be best to watch it from the beginning to end for a good history lesson. You can click the links in the description on YouTube to skip to different videos part since the video is so long and packed full of info.


One of the big things about eggs is that some people are told there bad for you because of cholesterol so they wont eat them thinking they will get hurt. The truth is many body parts are made up of cholesterol and need it to run or the cells will die. Eggs have a great source of healthy cholesterol along with protein all of which the body needs. If you don’t eat cholesterol you’ll get Alzheimer’s from lack of nutrition or degenerated dying brain matter. The video below will go over what was mentioned above in more detail.

Contact Info

YoungevityCustomer Service Department 1-800-982-3189 business hours, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time


You can find an absolute ton of different Wallach CD’s here. There are many CD’s to choose from though each one will cost $3 to purchase.

Dec 242017

Below are pictures of Hustle Castle Legendary Weapons, Armor, Rings and Amulets. They are at the max level so you can see what they would look like encase you never find the time to get there.

Getting legendary gear can be pretty tough, especially in the beginning of the game. One of the best ways to get them is to rank high in the ticket Arena tournament and then get the bonus chest where you are guaranteed one.

Remember that you will end up replacing it after a while though it should last longer than lower quality items. You might want to save your shards if your have a hard time getting them. You can buy shard in the portal if you can get far enough for good farming rates.

The key to doing good in the Arena and Portal is to have a high squad power rating. Even if you have a high number you might not have the best set up which would get you further. The revive skill on mage weapons can go along ways.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and much more.

Pictures of Legendary Weapons Armor Rings Amulets

Dec 232017

A Final Contract Legacy of War Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. Final Contract Legacy of War is a Role Playing developed by UnlockGame and is available free for download from Google Play on Android.

Check back for updated and new content on this wiki. Feel free to use the comments to add any information that could help others.

Final Contract Legacy of War Wiki


So far there are no guides listed for Final Contract. Come back in the near future as guides will be added depending on popularity and this game is still pretty new.


iOS and iTunes – So far this app has not been released for the iOS operating system on iTunes.

VIP – Upgrading your VIP level will offer more game features and bonuses like double daily login rewards and and more arena challenge purchases. The higher your VIP level goes the better the upgrades.

Welfare – Don’t forget to check your Welfare tab for lots of free things and your daily rewards.


The main purpose in the game is to move through the story mission will completing side quests and participating in other game features like the Arena. You will acquire and collect Spirita which are units that can be used in battle. Right now there are 124 Spirita with more possible coming out in the future. Since there are so many players to choose from the best Spirita would be the ones you can upgrade the easiest. This will help you move through the game faster and reach higher difficulty levels.



There are no cheats listed for this app. Since this app requires an online connection for all of it’s features getting mods or using cheats is highly unlikely. Apps that promise to do so are lying and trying to get you to download broken files or corrupted hacked potentially dangerous files.

Dec 222017

Below is a list of Hustle Castle Tips that work for both Android and the iOS version. FOr the most part your gonna be waiting a lot for things to get done and rooms to be built and upgraded. The sooner you can get the hang of things the better off you’ll be. Up to about level 17 players are pretty weak and can be defeated easily for PvP points. Since the game will match you according to your level the higher you go the harder things get.

Hustle Castle Tips

Arena – You can get a prize in the Arena just for participating without haev to battle other players. This can be useful for when you don’t have time to play the arena and are fine with the minimum rewards. The key to winning the Arena or getting high on the ranking is to defeat your opponent fast. As you fight you’ll see the score go down over time. By playing the weakest opponents first you’ll get a higher score which will move you up the rankings.

Best Class – The best class seems to be the mages with it’s ability to revive dead party members with the right weapon. Of course the next best would be the warrior since tanks will be needed to protect the back row which can be squishy and easy to defeat.

Hustle Castle Best Class

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Best Spells – Fortunately, one of the best spells is gotten early so it can be enjoyed for along time. Lion’s Spirit will increase the whole parties attack damage by a large amount for a decent length of time. It will even raise the damage of other spells making it a must for causing damage to the enemy.

Hustle Castle Best Spell

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CraftingCrafting is one of the best ways to get good gear so be sure to save your shards for items that you really need. It’s best to try and replace equipment that low in level or doesn’t have a high rarity.

How To Delete Dwellers – While in the inventory you can tap the button to the right of their health bar to change names or to banish them from the castle permanently. When breeding it’s best to get rid of the low ranked dwellers to make room for the ones with higher potential.

Five Star Potential – There are 2 ways to get five star rated dwellers the first is to upgrade them using diamons which can be really expensive. The second and recommended way is to produce them in the Living Room by combining males and females. Makes sure to always use your best rated dwellers for the best results.

Move Rooms – Rooms can be moved at any time for nothing. You can long press the screen or go through the Throne Room for the castle editor. This can be useful for merging rooms together that are the same level and type. Remember to hit the save button when done or the changes won’t be applied.

Protecting Resources – One way of keeping your resources from getting taken all the time is to keep them in there respective room that produces them. Just be sure to get them before the room is full or you’ll be wasting time and valuable resources.

Squad Power – You can increase your power rating by a lot when you put the dual daggers with archer clothing, though defense will be horrible attack will go way up for some reason just look at DPS.

Another ways is to save up your chest for when you need them. As your level gets higher the rewards will be better so you might want to wait until the next level for a grand opening of chests.

Visit the Hustle Castle Wiki for guides, tips, walkthroughs and more.