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This is a We Are Illuminati Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthrough and more depending on popularity. We Are Illuminati a Conspiracy Simulator Clicker was developed by Tapps Games and is available free for download on Android.

We Are Illuminati Wiki



Disabling Ads – If you want to turn the ads off all you have to do is turn the data or WiFi off on your device. This will stop ads from popping up when you least expect, but it will also stop you from watching ads to increase the amount of people earned. The reason this works is because you don’t need an internet connection to play the game.

Lackeys – When getting people through the normal means you will get Lackeys. You have to get a lot of people just for 1 Lackey which are spend on upgrade bonuses for getting more people. In the beginning you’ll need at least 12,700 lackeys for your first upgrade. Since you’ll have to start over to get your lackeys it’s best to wait until you have the required amount so you don’t fall short. You can use an item from the shop costing 10 diamonds to get them without having to reset and start over.

Managers – Be sure to hire managers as soon as possible so you don’t have to click manually. Without managers the game progress will go very slow and your finger will probably get tired from tapping.

Wiretaps – Be sure to check your wiretaps button in the top right corner of your screen for more people.



Nov 292017

A Auto Theft Gangsters Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more. Auto Theft Gangsters is an Action game developed by Doodle Mobile Ltd. and is available free for download on Android.

Check back tot his wiki in the near future for updated and new content.

Auto Theft Gangsters Wiki





A large open world you can explore by stealing cars and equipping weapons. Move up through the ranks as you become a crime lord by doing jobs and gaining notoriety. The game feels a lot like Grand Theft Auto with its large world to explore along with it’s mafia roots.

The game can be played at your own speed whether you want to stick with missions or go car hopping and partake in a little destruction.

Nov 282017

The Wild West Granary is used to store things that you grow on your plots which include corn, wheat, rye, beans and more. After a while your granary will fill up to the starting max of 50 spaces. When this happens you wont be able to harvest any more crops until you’ve made room in your Granary. To make room you can plant more crops, make goods that will use your supply, complete orders, help people who visit your farm or upgrade the Granary so you can fit more in it. In order to increase storage space your going to need 3 different building supplies, a Bracket, Rough Plank and Tile.

Granary – Increase Storage

Your going to need 1 or 3 items to raise the max holdings of your Granary. When you do increase it’s level the next time will cost 2 of each items and so on.

Bracket – The Bracket can be found when you dig up things in your garden. Every so often you get an extra bracket in addition to your harvest. These are pretty easy to find as they drop at about the same rate as Tile.

Rough Plank – The Rough Plank is probably going to be the hardest to find. It will pop up while gardening, but the chances are low unless you use higher quality plants. I have found the best luck getting Rough Planks in the newspaper though I had to check often as the ads were on the low side.

Tile – Tile is pretty easy to find, just garden as usual and when you go to dig up your plants you’ll get these every once in awhile.

Newspaper – If your patient and have the coins you can find all the Granary upgrade supplies in the newspaper ads. The price might not always be reasonable so you might have to do some shopping around. The Rough Plank seems to be the hardest one to find out of them all so your gonna have to be extra patient for that one.

For more info check out the Wild West Wiki with guides and tips.

Nov 272017

Hustle Castle Hot Ashes is the 9th stage in the Scorching Ground area and it’s a really big hurdle. The boss enemy is immune to physical damage and will target your back row first removing units that buff and heal if you have an archer. There are a couple ways of beating it and both of them will require upgrading parts of your castle to higher levels or having certain gear.

Check out the Hustle Castle Wiki for Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more.

Hustle Castle Hot Ashes Walkthrough & Guide

Method 1 – This way to pass Hot Ashes is to use your Magic Orb spell along with the resurrect spell that comes on mage weapons. At level 18 with very few things upgraded I was able to defeat the boss with 3 mages and one fighter. I made sure to remove the archer as they would be targeted first and then the rest of the squishy back row like mages. 2 of my mages had the resurrect spell on their weapon. My 2 Magic Orb where level 2 and did 4000 damage each. None of my dwellers were over level 30 for fighting training.

Method 2 – Use 3 level 3 Magic orbs along with 3 mages and one fighter tank class. If you don’t have the resurrect spell your gonna need to be a higher fighter level with 30+ gear. This method will take a little longer as your gonna need time to upgrade the necessary rooms. Remember when leveling up your dwellers to make sure they are 5 Star rank to save time on the long run, this can be done through the breeding processes in the Living Room.


Archers – This boss will target Archers first during battle then work his way to the front through the rest of your back row. This will make a tank useless until it’s too late. The best thing to do is change your archer into another mage so your front row is targeted first letting mages dish out more damage.

Enemy Stats – On the stage select screen you can tap the enemies picture for information on them along with tips for defeating them.

No Physical damage – The boss is immune to physical damage so when you have more fighters than other characters your damage is going to be small. since Archers will be targeted first your best line of attacks is to use magic so the boss will target a tank first. Only put in physical fighter to act as a tank to soak up the large amount of damage the boss puts out.

Resurrect Spell – Some mage weapons will have the resurrect spell that will revive a fallen dweller when their HP reaches zero. The spell will than take about 10 seconds to cooldown before it will be ready again. If you can have 2 or more of these weapons you will be pretty unstoppable in lots of situations.

Weak Against Magic – The best unit to use for damage for this boss is the mage as he is immune to physical damage.

Nov 272017

The Hustle Castle Portal or Dark Abyss is located on the map and is accessible when your Throne Room reaches level 6. Once inside you will fight matches for Dark Souls that can be spent at the Portal store.

Check out the Hustle Castle Wiki for Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more.

Portal & Abyss Gate Guide with Tips

How To Play

Everything is on a timer and you will only have so much to complete levels and earn Dark Souls. When the Portal is open you will have the chance to earn Dark Souls that can be spent in the store for all kinds of stuff. After the Portal closes you will have about 1 day or so to spend what you earned, after that it will be deleted and you’ll have to wait for the next Portal to earn more.

Dark Souls

These can be spent at the Portal store for a number of different things. Be warned that they will all dissapear once a portal closes so be sure to spend them all and keep an eye on the countdown timer.


Diamonds – You can by diamonds here without having to use real money. This is a rare feature that most mobile apps don’t implement. The cost is pretty expensive though when it comes to buying in bulk.

Items – This is a great place to get Legendary weapons, epic amulets and rare gear if your able to get far enough. If you don’t have the best items equipped the rares can help fill in the gaps until you find better stuff.

Soul Stealer – This will increase the amount of Dark Souls gotten when completing levels and are purchased with diamonds. These are a geat way to buy things in the store when you hit your limit in difficulty and know how much you can earn for a max. Soul Stealers will not help when climbing the leader board rankings. Once your able to get far enough you’ll able to buy diamonds to purchase these without taking a loss. These do not stack so you can only use one at a time.


To get on the leader boards for a rewards your gonna have to play a lot. Make sure you have the best equipment for your fighter rank so you can be sure to complete a level. Your also gonna need six 5 Star ranked dwellers too so you can equipped the best gear.

Nov 262017

In Hustle Castle you will have to breed new dwellers on your own for more population in the castle after receiving the short few in the beginning by saving them in mission areas. When breeding new dwellers in the Living Room the outcome can have anywhere from 1 Star to 5 Star quality.

Dwellers Breeding Guide


Living Room – When using the Living room there are 2 methods of arranging the people in the room. You can have one male and the rest females or you can have 2 males and 2 females. You can leave them in the room and they will automatically reproduce when their cool down timers reset.

The fastest way is to switch out the females when they get pregnant with new ones. The main objective is to get high quality characters so you should banish them from the castle when their stats are to low.

Breeding 4 Star

At the start of the game you will get 3 star ranked dwellers that will eventually have a 4 star baby. When you get a 4 Star put them into the breeding process to increase the chances of getting 4’s and 5’s. The odds of getting a 4 with two 3’s is about one 1 in 10.

Breeding 5 Star

To get 5 Star dwellers without having to pay diamonds for upgrades just use the Living Room. You’ll want to use at least two 4 Stars for the best chance in the beginning to get a 5 Star which again will be about 1 in 10 odds. When yo do get one your gonna want to put them in the breeding process. If your patient you can easily fill the whole castle with 5 Star dwellers for free.

Your gonna need at least 6 of the best quality to be able to use gear up to level requirement 100. Only then can you reach the higher difficulty areas of this app. If your upgrading a dweller for fighting that doesn’t have max stars than your wasting your time as you’ll have to retrain another person later. It’s best to get your 6 best fighters ready as soon as possible using the Living Room using the info above.

In the long run getting the best residence is pretty easy to do considering it’s an Android app the usually charges for stuff like that. It almost breaks the purchase options as the cost to buy a 5S through the upgrade option in the equip menu can be over $30.

For more relevant content visit the Hustle Castle Wiki.

Nov 252017

A Jurassic Survival Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats and more. Jurassic Survival is an Action MMORPG game developed by Mishka Production and is available free for download on Android.

Check back to this Jurassic Survival Wiki soon for even more information depending on popularity.

Jurassic Survival Wiki



Change Player Name – You can put in a custom name by tapping the pencil icon next to your name in the inventory.

Double Tap – Moving items to Boxes fast by double tapping on the item. This with transfer it to a container without having to drag it across the screen.

Pausing the App – Your food and water statistic will go down and down while playing this app. Even when closing the app by going to a different part of your phone it will still go down. This will result in death and the dropping of all your items that you were carrying. The only way to pause the app that I know of is to go into the map selection area by leaving the side of a map area.

PvP – You will come across different player when you head out into surrounding areas. They will spawn randomly and will start attacking right away. I don’t think that it’s a real person, but their stats in a computer.


The main goal of the game is to level up to unlocked new blueprints and use them to destroy all of the dinosaurs. You gain experience by doing various tasks like gathering, mining, tree cutting, bush grabbing along with many other actions. You’ll get more experience fighting dinosaurs and other players than anything else though it will ruin weapons and armor along with HP.

In the beginning you can build a house by first laying a floor from bamboo, then placing walls and a door section. When placing workbenches along with other crafting stations they will need to be placed on a floor tile and not the bare ground. Your gonna need to build a house so other players wont steal your things.

Death is pretty easy in this game as you will run out of food and water pretty fast just by completing a few things. A good tactic is to keep your stuff in a chest back at the spawn point, then make runs for new stuff every time you re-spawn. If you have to rely on food and water every time their isn’t going to be enough. The best thing you can do is go as far as you can without dying then head back before you run out of food and water.


Nov 242017

Wild West: New Frontier Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more. Wild West: New Frontier is a Simulation game developed by Social Quantum Ltd and is available free for download on Android and iOS.

Visit this Wild West Wiki in the future for added content and new stuff. Feel free to leave any information you may have in the comments below.

Wild West: New Frontier Wiki


Granary – Bracket Rough Plank Tile Increase Storage


Experience – The best way to get exp is to go through the ropes of placing all the buildings. This will allow for the consistent flow of exp to occur while earning gold along with other resources. Corn is the best for speed when it comes to leveling up with crops, but your gonna need to use it for things to keep the granary from filling up. When not playing app for awhile it’s best to plant crops that both take awhile to grow and will produce more resources.

Placing Orders in the end will next you the most experience for your goods and is probably the best way to level up fast, though your gonna need all the buildings available and be making the goods from them to full fill orders. When placing order you can tap the garbage can to refresh the spot, but it gonna take 15 minutes for the new order to show up. If things look like they have to many items you don’t have or have items you want to save then it’s a good idea to use the garbage can to refresh the list.

Mail Box – By tapping on the mail box you can buy certain supplies for upgrading buildings on the farm. Swipe your finger left and right to thumb through the ads in the paper.

Newspaper – The newspaper is a great place to find supplies for upgrading the Barn and Granary. The building materials can also be found by completing tasks that correspond with that building. If you shop often you can find great deals. These items are great for fulfilling orders as you can buy what you don’t have on hand.

Orders – These are one of the best ways to earn experience and coins in the game. If you dont have the items to complete an order you can buy some in the newspaper or you can cancel the order which has a 15 minutes cool down time until a new order arrives.

Roadside Market – This is one of the best ways to keep the barn and granary from filling up so you can earn fast exp from planting crops.

Visitors – When your full on supplies or getting close to it people will visit your farm and hang out around the center of it looking to buy goods. Be sure to keep an eye out for them as they are great for freeing up some space. If you don’t have the required goods you can select “Sorry, but I cant help” and they will go away. Tjis is good for getting visitors that want to buy something different.

Westbucks – The only way to earn free Westbucks is to gain them as a gift when leveling up and from achievements besides the small amount they give you in the beginning. The only other way to get Westbucks is to purchase them using real money.


In the beginning there will be a short tutorial that will guide you through the basics of the game. After a short period your on your own to develop a farm. To move forward your gonna have to earn experience and level up. Your level will directly relate to the unlocking of new buildings and game features.

The best thing to do is make sure you have built all of the building you can for your current level. This will maximize the amount of exp and goods earned over time. Eventually, your barn and granary are going to fill up not allowing you to produce anything else until you sell something. Make sure to be using the Order board and Roadside Market to sell things and the same pace as your producing it to keep a steady stream of exp coming in.

Nov 242017

A Last Battleground: Survival Wiki with Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs and more. Last Battleground: Survival is an Action game developed by Elex and is available free for download on Android.

Check back to this Last Battleground: Survival Wiki in the near future for updated content and new material.

Last Battleground: Survival Wiki



Attacking – You best opportunity for attacking another player is when they have just dropped in and are looking for a weapon. If your lucky you might even see their parachute and get them when they land.

Weapons – Remember where you pick up good weapons so the next time you parachute in you can land in the same location. If you have a good aim it’s best to go for a ranged weapon so you can get them before they can even lay a hand on you.


This is a short walkthrough and tutorial that will cover the basics of how things work.

When you first start the game you be just about to jump from and airplane and parachute down to the map below. The whole point of the game along with the main objective is to be the last man standing. You’ll need to explore the deserted island to find different supplies ranging from weapons to first aid.

When jumping out of the plane make sure you don’t release you chute too early or you will have a long glide down. When you get tot he ground your gonna want to look around for a weapon to you for when you run into somebody.

After landing your gonna want to find gear and a safe zone. When your in the safe zones you’ll have protection from the traps and explosions that will happen after playing a awhile. When you in the safe zone other players will run the risk of loosing. After time the safe zones will shrink down so there isn’t much left and that’s when things get interesting.

Nov 232017

When it comes to the Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Best Character I think that they are all the same. They will only vary according to upgrade settings and user experience. I could be wrong though and there might be small differences that could make one character better than another.

A Sonic Forces Best Character will definitely be the most upgraded person that knows what there doing on the track. To get upgrades you gonna have to spend rings that are gotten by racing others.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Best Character List

Since there isn’t really a best racer and it all comes down to character building and skill there is one place you can find hints on who is the fastest, and that’s the leader boards. Players at the top of the leader boards may have more bonuses than racers that don’t make the cut. The biggest indicator would be groupings of the same racer type at the top rankings.

Amy Rose

Added along time ago to appeal to the girl more in video games.

Charmy Bee

E-123 Omega

Omega is new to the Sonic arena and is unlocked as a rare racer making it more valuable in this app than other players. Vector is the other rare unlock that’s new.

Espio The Chameleon


Rouge The Bat

Shadow The Hedgehog

If Sonic is #1 than Shadow is better as he is an upgraded version of sonic that came from having all the emerald stones.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Some may say that Sonic would be the best as the franchise is centered around him.


Has been with sonic since the beginning as a second player and could use his tail to fly and hover down slowly.

Vector The Crocodile

A new addition tot he sonic team along with Omega and is a rare type unlocked by completing races.

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