Mar 182018

Southeastern Behavioral Health in Sioux Falls is a horrific mess of some of the worst doctors and care takers that exist today. Based on the quality of care you can easily say these people are scamming others, there fake doctors that got a degree then got a random job that requires them to destroy others lives. If you look at the side effect of the meds they use  they seem to cause way more damage than good which could defiantly be consistent with a murderer or a serial killer.

It is well know amongst the medical community in Sioux Falls that the doctors that work at Southeastern Behavioral Health don’t care about people and will put them on all kinds of meds that are unnecessary though all meds are unnecessary. It’s hilarious how stupid these people are. As long as they have a title an a little money these people think they are on top of the world along with super helpful towards other. The harsh reality is that the FDA is hiding cures and only using murderous, poisonous treatments that will actually cause more harm so they can make more money. It seems that these people are lead by satan worshipers and people trying to destabilize and take down the US.

These doctors should have the right to “practice” taken away and should have to repay people for all the damages they cause. If you look at how much damage is caused to people in the US from the FDA and alike they don’t possible have the money to repay for all the trouble they have cause. And why would a system be set up that causes so much harm. Humans are really easy to take advantage of. All you have to do is give them a fancy tiel and some cash and they are willing to do all kinds of things.

If you refuse to use cures and want to go ahead with treatments that hurt people so they need more treatments then you are a terrorist that should be taken out of the game of life. They should throw you in some kind of repend prison so you can pull your head out of your rear. Doctors like these should also have their kids taken from them as they will most likely use miss information to try and treat their poor child who should be given a cure.

Dear FDA, Your committing MEGA HIGH TREASON which is punishable by death. Many people believe we are in Revelations and that means your time to do horrible things is nearing to an end. All FBI agents are either terrorists or are prepped to do terrorist activity along with the CIA. There is a huge scam network of terrorism taking place in the US right now and you can bet that if they have a high government title or a are paid a lot of money they are keeping their mouths shut about high crime that’s being committed on a daily basis for fear of being killed by the US Military, CIA, FBI, MI567… along with others. You should have yourself a good look at a testimony of people going to hell, sounds like these people are going there for sure.

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Mar 172018

Apparently, Chicago’s Plumbers Union has been dying the river for St. Patrick’s Day since 1962. I might be one of the only ones thinking this, but I don’t think dying the river completely green is a good idea when it comes to the health of wild life and the river. Since they have been doing this for along time there is a good chance that the chemicals they are using or have used in the past are not the best for the environment.

If this is a bad thing than it is no surprise since Chicago seems to be one of the most corrupt cities in America. Kim Kardashian just named one of her kids Chicago which could indicate that she’s some kind of devil worshiper and she is honoring some kind of underground cult that has roots or is located in Chicago.

Police have a reputation in Chicago of taking random people off the streets and taking them away to secret police property where they are interrogated for no reason. They seem to be doing this as some kind of training for they next 1776 or 911.

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Mar 162018

Andrew McCabe was fired supposedly 2 days before he was set to retire and earn about 1.8 Millions dollars from doing so. Many people online seem to take the stance that it’s not fair that they fired someone just before they retired and that it could be a sign of corruption for Sessions, but it cou8ld also work the other way around.

It seems that many FBI agents along with possible government employees in other areas seems to quite and put in for retirement in masses a s soon as Trump got in office. This seems to show the hands of possible corrupt agents that have been up to no good for some time now. They say that McCabe was in for around 21 years as the second highest ranking FBI leadership and that meqans he was in there during 911. It seems that McCabe might have been put in his job position working for the FED with the intention in that he would help cover up an inside job like the 911 supposed terrorist attacks and probably many other false flags. Lots of people seem to have inside information about 911 being done by the US government and many others, but they keep their mouths shutting knowing bad things will happen to them and their families by the CIA.

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Mar 152018

For me the Florida College bridge falling seems to be really suspicious since it seems to match up with the club shooting that happened. First there was this largest shooting ever in a gay night club that seem to be staged by police and military, then after a little while a kid gets eaten by a crocodile and the news seems to forget about every thing. Now we have a school shooting where the supposed shooter was no where near the shooting when it took place according to an eye witness and now the news has another type of horrible event that seems to be and the passive and accidental side.

It looks to be some kind of pattern they are using to carry out an agenda to make it look like lots of bad things are going to happen in the world like terrorism and poor health care. These things instead seam to be produced by ruling elite, CIA, MI5, MI6 and others that have an agenda for the planet and it doesn’t seem to be very good for everyone. According to people like Alex Jones and Steven Greer there seems to be some kind of large scale world event that could happen that would change the world in a very large way. Since they seem to have an army of robots probably underground all over the place the need for a human military is largely obsolete and they seem to be recruiting lots of people in the military as a front.

With both the club shooting and recent school shooting having big evidence showing that the official story is a complete fabrication it seem as though Florida is a corrupt state being used to push a gun taking agenda along with working toward a large attack taking place in the future.

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Mar 142018

In South Carolina a Woman High On Drugs has Removed her own eyes. Deputies found her outside a church and had a little trouble restri9ning her so they could call for help. I suppose this has something to due with Jesus parable about poking out your own eyes and cutting of your own hand if they are they source of doing bad things. I would have to say that these kind of statements in the bible show that Jesus had a lot to learn as seem to be a little on the young side.

A better options would to probably handle your problems in a different way. If you believe in Jesus than your probably going to have to believe in the devil. If you kill people without giving them time to repent they they supposedly go to hell. Instead of putting rick shoes on people and drowning them you would be better of to put them in some kind of repent prison that would be able to help them out and divert them from going to hell. If you have ever seen a good testimony of heaven and hell you’ll probably be a strong believer in repenting before you get sent to the bad place when you die.

Since this female was high on meth they probably had some crazy idea related to the bible and took things to far. Apparently the US government is responsible for shipping in the meth and this is just another unfortunate victims in the farce war on drugs that’s seems to be there to destroy a planet for control or sick satan worshiping behavior.

I think out of all the things Jesus said the whole remove parts things is something that he regrets saying now or that someone added to the bible to make Jesus look like a satan worshiper.

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Mar 122018

It looks as though the Leftists are suing Alex Jones for questioning the Charlottesville MSM PR Campaign. Alex has said a lot of things about the false flags that occur which MSM seems to be directly involved in and nothing has really come of it until now. Why now? It seems like Infowars has been under attack lately with law suits, YouTube channel strikes and a bombing in his home town which all seem suspicious since there happening so close together. It could be that Trump is proving effective against evil in this world and they are kicking and screaming on their way out.

To sue Alex Jones for questioning the official story hasn’t happened until now, years after he has shined light on many false flags and obvious government corruption. This could mean they are really feeling the pressure from somewhere and are having some kind of overload say they hit back naturally.

Alex is a pretty big deal with his super helpful products that are far better and beyond than FDA poison chemicals along with his spear tip information and news. To attack him for something that he is saying makes the attackers look even more like they are up to no good. As far as MSM is concerned they really haven’t been charging anyone for treason lately which MSM seems to be overly involved in.

This is also a major indicator of corruption in Virginia. Great, another state full of knowledgeless, compartmentalized zombie staff that feel the need to hit people trying to make the world a better place. How did they get their job and why do they still have it right.

It’s seems to be a new tactic when it comes to false flags as they seem to be having a hard time making everyone believe the chaos is real and not some corporate takeover attempt.

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Mar 112018

In the video below you will see a NFL player named Zay Jones (Isaiah Avery Jones) who plays for the Buffalo Bills float to his feet and seem to defy gravity. For me there are about three explanations. The first is that he’s an aliens which is really all I have for that one. The second one would be that he is using some kind of tech that would allow him to defy gravity, but why would he have it during a football game. If it is tech then it is most certainly owned by the government and is being tested so how during football games or might have been some kind of public awareness testing.

The third possibility and the most believable in my mind is that Zay Jones is not a human, but a robot. Some kind of government testing being done maybe to work out the kinks. It looks like the robot had a freudian slip and it’s processing failed to stand the player up like a normal person and went for a faster processing move and quicker way to get up. Zay could have been a real person that was killed and replaced by the government or he was never real at all with his younger life being a complete fabrication. If you look of picture of Zay online he almost looks like a robot plus he pretty young to be in the NFL at the age of 22. I think they at least need to place the guy under arrest so he can go in for a body scan because what he did is not physically possible with a human body.

You may think that robots of this caliber might be impossible, but I think you would be surprised how advanced the tech is that the government is hiding probably to prevent enemies from taking it or so they can use it as a hidden weapon before the knowledge is released to the public. During the Jade Helm 15 training they US military said they had robots that looked and acted just like humans that would be introduced into society as spy’s and work drones.

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Mar 102018

Hero Hunters Cheats are going to be pretty hard to come by since apps like these will keep them out of the app on purpose to increase sales and in game purchases. One thing you can do is turn off your data to sop ads from showing up.

Some websites might have modded apps available that have things like infinite currency or god mode. Since this apps requires an online connection your chances of finding a modded app are going to be slim pickings since online apps check for this type of thing before starting the app.

Lots of game in the past used to have all kinds of things you could do to alter the game, but mobile seems to be pretty empty when it comes to cheats. On thing is for sure though and that when you use cheat the game will often become much more boring and you’ll probably quit very soon after using them. This happened to me with Skyrim along with tons of other games.

If your interested in more related information you can check out the Hero Hunters Wiki.

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Mar 092018

Guns of Glory Best Guards are going to be the strongest units that you can come by. This will depend on how far you are in the game and how many different units that you have unlocked. Your also going to want as man as possible for the biggest possible defense.

Having units that are stronger against certain enemies are a must. Many times when people attack you they are coming from a long ways away so they will use horse units or other things that are fast. You can be ready for them by having those units weaknesses. The best thing to do is switch your players after you see that someone is sending troops to attack your location.

Joining an alliance can be very helpful when it comes to protecting your stuff. Many times someone might back off if they notice your in a group and sometimes you might get help from your alliance with a little revenge. With this in mind you might not want to start problems with people to keep the enemy count down. With games like these if you end up being a target by other groups you could have a hard time progressing in the game.

Since guards will depend on how far you are in the game you might not want to leave anyone for protect early on as they can be removed and defeated very fast making it harder to keep up your army. It can be a waste to keep guards if you are constantly being attacked by someone who you know will defeat you.

If your having a hard time with attackers you can always move you location to somewhere new though this could also be worse off. If you have a chance to move where you want to you might consider a place right next to your strongest alliance member sot hey may be more helpful.

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Mar 082018

Below is a Idle Kingdom Clicker Full Map that you can used to find the locations of different things without having to explore a bunch of times and make your own. For the most part there doesn’t seem to be a lot of locations to choose from especially around the outer edges. After you have reset a couple of times you will unlock the Library which is used to collect Science passively.

Your going to have to play quite a few times to get your score multiplier up there high enough to unlock a lot of locations at once. When getting more and more temples that raise your reset score you will start to multiply which will make your score very big after awhile. One things to remember is that it doesn’t matter which order you claim the temples as you will get the same number no matter which one is first or last to unlock.

There is no end to the game as you can keep playing forever increasing your score letting you build more faster on your next play through. The more temples you get in a run the better your score will be when it comes to resetting. It might be better to wait awhile to unlock more temples than to just take what you can on the fast earning tiles.

The developers makes it seem like he could come out with an update with more content any day now, but this seems to be not the case as the game has been released for awhile now without any new content added.

When it comes to how long you going to play I guess the furthest you could go for goals is to unlock every temple in one playthrough which would take a lot of time to accomplish.

Idle Kingdom Clicker Full Map